Aspie Resources

Here are some places that I have found helpful in my search for answers and information.  I'll be adding more resources as I find them.

Social Stories--Carol Gray  Social Stories worked really well for us and I still use them to this day.  This site is a bit heavy but the concept behind social stories and how to write them are fundamental to having success with focus areas.  We used Social Stories more when our Aspie was about four to six years of age but I fall back on them when a particular skill needs reinforcing.

Social Thinking -- Michelle Garcia Winner  Our primary school uses these concepts.  We had to change tactics at home so we were all speaking the same language but it works.  My Aspie seems to understand the difference between red and blue thoughts and expected/unexpected behaviors.  The school works extensively with Superflex and while it seemed weird at first, its written so the young grade-schooler can process and adapt to social interactions and situations.

Asperger's syndrome --wikipedia definition  A basic definition of Asperger's.

NIH: Asperger's Fact Sheet  More detailed information from the NIH getting into the how's and why's of Asperger's.

OASIS--Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support  This is a good page with a ton of information ranging from upcoming talks and conferences to providing current resource articles. 

Tony Attwood Web Page  This guy is one of the best in detailing and describing Asperger's.  He has done extensive research on Asperger's and runs a diagnostic and treatment center in Brisbane, Australia.  His books offer valuable information and strategies in helping and understanding your Aspie. 

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