Friday, July 29, 2011

My daughter has crabs and I gave them to her.

What happens when you take your daughter to the beach last November and then again in June?  She becomes obsessed with crabs, that's what.  Lizzy's been begging me since last year to buy some crabs.  Last year, people, last year.

I may have stretched the truth an told her they were not the kind of animals that can be bought at the store.  I may, or may not, have further stretched the truth and stated, "They are sea creatures and we just can't get them here in Kansas."

So when we were talking about crabs again at lunch I had my old lines ready to go and was all set for the assault.  I was all ready with the standard, "You know baby, we'll see them the next time we go to Sanibel.  Crabs just don't do well here in the Midwest."  Or in my kitchen.   Eww Gawd, please not in the kitchen.  

This time however my mom was at the table.

But before I could get any of that out my mom answers Lizzy, "Oh, you're interested in Hermit Crabs?  Do you want to go and see some?  I didn't know that!  We can run down to PetSmart real quick.  Wanna come with Grandma?"

This is the time where we take a magical little interlude because all the neurons in my brain simultaneously stopped firing.  Call it shock, numb silence, whatever you will.  I stood there slack jaw just watching life move on around me.  And now we're back.....

Acckkk!  Wait.  Stop.  Shut up.


I almost dive-bombed my mom from across the kitchen.

I had visions of tackling her football style.  Knocking her down and pounding her head into the ceramic floor for good measure.  Watching the fork pop out of her hand from the impact and making a perfect arc as it went sailing and then bouncing across the floor.  Anything just to get her to shut up about Hermit Crabs.

But it was too late.  

The damage was done.

I looked over at Lizzie.  I have never seen a smile so big.

"Hermit Crabs???  We can get some Hermit Crabs???"  Her smile lit up my night for three whole days.

The crabitat.  

So that is why I am now the proud owner of three Hermit Crabs.  One of which I know is going to die in the next forty-eight to seventy two hours and has a shell like a cow's head.  I know.  A cow head.  First off, how on earth am I going to replace that?!?  And second, who does that to a shell?  Turns it into a cow's head.  I feel sorry for the crab having to schlep that thing around.

I'm gonna bite ya.

And I'll let you in on a little secret about me.  Crabs scare me.  They freak me out.  Give me the hee-bee-jee-bies, the willies, whatever you call them.  They're like hard shelled spiders.  Tarantulas with shells.  Look at that thing up there.  It has claws, long spider-like legs and little beady eyes.  They scratch the sides of the aquarium going, "I'm a gonna get outta here and when I do I'm gonna bite ya.  Your food sucks and I'm gonna pinch you for it.  And tell that baby to quit banging on our house."

The first two nights we had these things I didn't sleep.  I'm still having a hard time sleeping.

Lizbeth, you're mine.

Someone please tell me how to kill these things and make it look like an accident.  I don't care if it's humane or not.  I love my daughter but these things are seriously crimping my style.

They have to go.

Update: So we've had these things for six days now and its official.  They're staying.  None have died (dam-it) and she's named all three of them.  

Oh yeah, and they're in the kitchen, in the dining area.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The truth fairy

I am going to go down in the Annals of the Worst Mom's Ever.  I know this fact and yet I can bet you a million dollars I'll still act all surprised when they call my name to accept the award.  And I WILL accept that award.  I've earned it.

I had to do something I've never done before.  Leave my daughter with our swim instructor for the last few minutes of her lesson so I could take Alex to an appointment.

My mom had Gracie at home who was down for a nap so all that needed to be done was for Lizzy to wrap up swimming and come back home with her instructor.  Which wasn't really hard since our instructor has known the kids for years and had her car parked in our front drive.  They literally had to walk 500 feet from the pool to our back yard.

So she was with people I trust.  What could possibly go wrong?

Turns out a lot.

Apparently Lizzy's seen one too many of Alex's meltdowns and decided that as soon as I left the pool deck she was going to try one on for size.  She decided she was going to boycott the last of the lesson and splash her instructor a few times for good measure.  The splashes were not the "we're having girl fun splish-splashing" but rather the "fuck this, I'm done with swimming and I hate you kind of splash."

My mom tells me this as I come home with Alex, right as I hit the door, before I can even get the keys in the dish.

This is the second thing this week Lizzy's decided to up and boycott so clearly she thinks this method is working for her.

So when I see Lizzy eating a snack and ask how her lesson went I was shocked as hell to hear her say, "It was OK.  Can I have more juice?"

"Sure, you can have more juice.  The lesson was just OK?"

"Yeah, my legs were a little tired but it was OK."  She's acting like there was nothing wrong.  At all.  Had my mom not accosted me at the back door I would have been none the wiser.  But she did.  And I knew Lizzy was BS-ing me.  Big time.

"Oh, that's good to hear it went well.  I'm sure when the Truth Fairy swings by tonight she'll skip right by us because, you know, when you tell the truth she just keeps on going."

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her flinch.  Just a little bit but it was there.

Here's the part where I'll fill you in on the Truth Fairy:  One time I caught Lizzy in a boldface lie.  So as not to be outdone by my five year old, I made up a lie of my own.  One that was bigger and better.  Meet the Truth Fairy.  She comes round during the night and for little boys and girls who are not truthful.  As she waves her magic wand those little miscreants who were not truthful reap the demise of her magic wand and their noses grow and grow and grow.  So in our house, if you don't tell the truth and fall asleep, you wind up with a nose like Pinocchio.

Hey, I never said I was proud of this moment.  Nor do I remember taking a test prior to becoming a parent.  Trust me, if I did there would be a world with three less children in it.  It would fall under the category of Parent Fail.

Anyway, she has the stones to look me square in the face and say, "Nope, the lesson was fine."  And continues on like life's great.  Not a care in the world.

I let it rest.  Truth be told, I was a little miffed she had the stones to call my bluff and raise me another lie.  No need to question DNA here folks.

She spent the rest of the day having fun.

Fast forward to later in the evening when my sister asks, "Hey Lizzy, how'd your swim lesson go?"

I hear this squeamish, "OK..... Mom??  Mom, I splashed my instructor."

"Oh you did?  That sounds like fun!  I bet you and Tracy were having a blast, just the two of you.  It's always nice to have some private time."

"No, mom.  No.  I was mad and splashed her."  Her bottom lip started to quiver.  She was clearly worried.

It was getting awfully close to bed time.

"Ohhh, you splashed her?  And you were angry?  That's not good.  What do you think you should do?"

"Say I'm sorry.  Mom, is the Truth Fairy going to make my nose longer?"

"No honey, let's go home and get the phone and call Tracy."

And that's what we did.

I have no idea how long the Truth Fairy is going to be swinging by our house but you can bet my lilly white ass I'm going to be taking it as far as I can get it.

Note:  I was not able to post on Monday.  There are two things that I have agreed with my husband that I won't write about publicly: our marriage and his family.  Turns out both downright sucked this weekend and needed my attention.  Thanks for the understanding.

Friday, July 22, 2011

My son wants to make his Aunts Sim's get all sexy. Yeah, you heard me correctly.

I'm not sure how many of you know, this but my sister lives right down the street from me.  Well, not literally right down the street, but if you cut through my back yard and cross the street you get to her street and then she's four houses down on the right.  I know this because every time I slip into casual conversation that my sister lives "right down the street."  I am assaulted with, "No, no no!  That's not right.  Aunt Nichole does not live right down the street.  She lives behind us, though the back yard, across the street, and four doors down on the right.  That's not right down the street, mom.  Duh." 

I stand corrected. 

Crap I forgot what I was going to post about. 

This is where I get up and wonder around the house a bit.  Kick around a bunch of toys and see that the kids have not killed themselves, each other or are thinking of planting the baby in the empty planter on the back porch.  True story.  And as I look over and see the kids on their I-touches I remember it.    

So after Alex bugged me so much to go to his Aunt's house last night that we showed up on her doorstep unannounced and uninvited I was a little more than pissed when he started with all of this garbage in under five minutes of hitting the door:

"UGGGHHH. I'm bored." 

"There's nothing to do here." 

"How long do we have to watch those guys on bikes?"

"There's nothing to do."

"UGGGGGHHH.  I want to go home."

"How long do we have to be here?  Can I watch TV?"

"UGGGGHHH.  How long do we have to stay here???"

Yup, after begging like a misbehaved dog for forty minutes straight, he wanted to go home.  He wanted to bail on the same place he begged to go to in the first place.  Anyone see the irony here?  Not to be out done by my spawn I started up with:

"No, we are not leaving." 

"You can find something to do."

"Go find your Uncle."

"Bug him."  

 I said, "Go Find Your Uncle."

"No we are not changing the channel.  Your Aunt and I are watching the Tour."

I said, "We Are Watching The Tour."

I don't know if you know this either but I'm a road biker so watching the Tour de France is akin to a pedophile asking a kid if they like candy.  And I love candy.  Right now the Tour is my candy.  So, NO, that TV channel was not being flipped.  Period.  

Once a year in July we have a new house rule: Do Not Mess With the Tour.  Oh yeah, screw you Contador.  And buff men on bikes?  In spandex??  In the hot, hot, hot, summer???  Bliss.  Its not like the pool ladies in Spanx, or that crappy chocolate.  The Tour is more like soft porn.  Go watch and you'll see.  It's easy on the eyes.  See?  See why we watch???

Anyway, while we were getting all glossy-eyed watching beautiful men on bikes my sister may have mentioned something to Alex, something along the lines of, "Hey, do you want to play my Sim's?  You can make Aunt Nichole and Uncle Rob do things like go swimming or sleep."  

I don't know.  Remember?  I was watching hot, sweaty men in tights. 

Alex didn't stop complaining till he heard four magic words: "It's on the computer."  At the time it struck me as odd, something akin to saying in that sickly sweet voice, "Does the dogie want a treat?"  And you can actually see the dog stop in mid-motion and go, " Err?  Treat??  Did someone say treat???  I wanna treat.  Where's the treat?"  

Alex was like that dog.  He cocked his head off to the side and said, "Computer?  Aunt Nichole, did you say computer??"

Fast forward to today where I've been harassed since about half past the ass crack of dawn about the Sim's.  Now he has to have a game.  Not only a game, but the game he was playing last night.  And that is just not possible.  We simply cannot take the game off her computer and plop it onto ours. 

Add to it, my sister's game is part of the Sim's Ambitions.  That means he can make his Sim's Aunt and Uncle get all romantic with each other and have babies.  My seven year old is NOT MAKING SIM'S BABIES.  

The Sim's can swim naked it the pool, get in fights, flirt and kill each other.  Not necessarily in that order.  They can rob the neighbor and eat their dog for dinner and call it chicken.  He can make them take a cab to diner and get all sexy in the bathroom.  Add to it, the Sim's do things they want to as well. 

So no, he's not getting my sister's Sim's game.

Nor is he getting a Sim's game of his own.  I'm not caving and just giving him a $39.99 game right now since that's his new thing.  And I'm not spending $6.99 as an App for the I-pad either.  It's not about the money here.  He's going to have to work with me on this one and:

  1. Leave me alone for a little bit about it.
  2. Show me he can not talk about it for a period of time.
  3. Show me he can earn it.  
  4. Respect my decision.
  5. And this is a big one here: try to work with me and think of other things and other ways to get unstuck. 
And that is why I now I have a seven year old who is wondering around the house trying to convince me that he'll die without the Sim's.  Why I've been harassed since 6:00 AM about the Sim's.  Why I've been assaulted with all the reasons why the Sim's are great.  Why they're worth having.  Why he's dying a slow, painful death without them. 

And I get it.  Really, I do.  For him the pain is very real.  He has to have it.  He's stuck on it.  Fixated.  He can't get it out of his head and can find no alternate solutions even when they are presented.  They can not work in his mind.  He's been in meltdown mode and will continue to be all day and well into the night. 

This is truly an issue for us.  Something he needs help understanding and processing.  I have to be able to help him get it, to understand, to become more flexible in his thinking.  Try to help him work through this and gain an understanding of just why we can't always get what we want, when we want it, regardless of the situation. 

Which is precisely why I'm holding firm and making him wait for the Sim's.  Heck, he may not even get it. 

I do him no favors by giving him everything he wants.  When he wants it.  Just because he wants it. 

Trust me.  It's killing me as well. 

And guess what?  After a day of making our lives miserable, he woke up this morning and has not mentioned a peep about the Sim's.  Not a word.  He may have moved onto something new.  I don't know, he may just be plotting his next move.  

I don't know.  I may never know.  

But I do know this: even though yesterday was a living hell, I'm glad I held out for today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's so hot I think I'm dying and all I can think about is eating chicken...

Wait, what's that smell?  It smells like chicken.  Gawd I'm hungry....I wonder if my husband brought home some chicken for dinner.  I could go for some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Extra Crispy.  Coleslaw.  Mashed potatoes and gravy.  

Wait.  Wait. Wait.

I think it's me.  That smell is me.  Oh Dear Lord.  It's me.  I stink.  

Its so damn hot, I'm cooking externally and I smell like fried chicken.  All that sunscreen and lunch meat Gracie smeared all over me earlier in the day combined with the heat has turned my natural smell of water blossoms and rose petals into some rank form of funk fried chicken.  

So I've brought the kids inside for a bit and we ate some of these.  God love the American Dream and Dunkin' Donuts.  

Then we went to the pool where Gracie tried to bust out, or at minimum, she tried to look cute and innocent so someone else could take her home and get her out of the heat because I was still cooking.  

And then we stayed at the pool a little longer so I could cook my chicken butt a nice golden brown and crispy.

Hope you all aren't dying out there.  And if you are, for God's sake, get yourself some chicken.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pentomino hell

Anybody know what a Pentomino is?  Yeah, me either.  Click here if you want some information on them so you have some idea what I'm talking about.  I have no choice.  I'm learning about them though.  My son's been harping about getting some for the past several days and if I could pull one out of my ass I would.  He's been driving me that insane about it.  Every waking moment he's been inserting his love of Pentomino's into any and every conversation.

He is actually going up to people and talking to them about Pentomino's.  On the one hand I'm all like, "Yay, spontaneous conversation, social skills at work."  And on the other hand I'm all like, "Ok, that's enough now, they don't want to know that much, you're freaking the neighbor out now."

This talking about Pentomino's roughly translates to following me around the house, talking at me for the last several days non-stop where ever and when ever he can.

While I'm on the toilet:  
"Mom, can we get some Pentomino's?  You can do them while you poo, you know."

"Why no, Alex I didn't know that.  While you're in here, can you be a good boy and hand mommy a new roll of toilet paper?"

Must remember to lock the door next time...I may or may not have been pooing.  

While on the computer:
"Hey mom, did you know I can do Pentomino's while you work?  I can you know."

"No, I didn't know that.  That would be great."

"Well if you want, I can open up a new window and look at some for you.  I think I can get you to Amazon..."

Must continue to reinforce that "work" consists of hiding out in the office...

While making dinner:
"Mom, are you thinking about those Pentomino's?  Because you're awfully quiet.  That usually means you're up to something.  Are you up to buying Pentomino's yet?  Because I can go to the office and get you to Amazon...."

Gawd, do we have a shrimp fork in the kitchen?  I think I could ram that in my, we don't have a shrimp fork.  That's still OK.  I think I can find some wooden skewers in here somewhere.  How long is this going to keep this up?  He's got more tenacity than a salmon swimming upstream and well, I don't.  

While in the car:
"Hey moooom, do you know Lizzy and I can do Pentomino's in the car?  We could if we had some you know.  The kind at school come in a plastic bin that can fit right back here in between our two car seats," he says as he motions to the space filled with all sorts of other crap that's migrated its way to the back.  "Do you think we can drive past school so you can see what they look like?"

While gripping the steering wheel I manage to eek out, "Don't we have those little diamond thingies you guys had in the car?  We had some and you guys just dumped them out all over the floor back there.  No, I'm not getting those in the car.  Not again."

"No, No, NO!!  Those are NOT Pentomino's.  Those are Tangoes.  And they're way too easy.  I can't have those!  And they're triangles not diamonds, mom. "  His voice is strained.  I look up in the rear-view and see he's starting to flap around back there.  Uh oh.

This could get really ugly, really fast.

He's clearly upset with my misunderstanding the facts.  "Pentomino's are way harder, mom!"  Arms waving, amping up.

I had a brief glimpse of a major meltdown in the car.

Not good.

I tried a diversionary tacit, "Hey guys, how big is Aunt Fanny's butt?  Do you think it's as big as an airplane?"

It worked...Oh thank the Lord.  Must remember to negotiate something with God for this small favor....

While on the toilet again, this time door locked, Alex sitting outside:
"Hey mom, did you know the door is locked?  How can I tell you about Pentomino's with the door locked?!?  Wait, wait, I know....I'll just talk louder at the door so you can hear!  Wow!!  That's good thinking on my part!  HEY MOM, DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO PENTOMINO'S WHILE YOU'RE GOING POO?  NO??  WELL YOU CAN, YOU KNOW!!"

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, grant me the wisdom to get through this day and buy some mother fucking Pentomino's before I kill my child and bury him in the back yard.  

And that is how my son ran as fast as I've ever seen him in his entire life when I told him to go get my wallet and bring it to the office.   He pulled out the credit card in under 0.0011th of a second and we had an order placed in about two minutes flat.

My silence lasted about one whole minute.

One beautiful, blissful minute.

Long enough for his neurons to process and start up with, "Do you know the tracking number?  Because if we had the UPS tracking number we could find out when the Pentomino's will get here.  Do you know when the Pentomino's will get here, mom?"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Vacation Day One

To think I actually was complaining like a school girl and moaning and groaning a few weeks ago that, "I want all my babies home with me" and "I can't wait till school's out so I can have them all to myself."  Now having them out of school for a few weeks and underfoot I have to ask myself this one simple question:  What the fuck is wrong with me?

I think I'm clinically insane.  I must be.  That's the only thing I can think of.  When they were in school I couldn't wait for them to get home and now that they're out of school I'm thinking of ways to plot my demise just so I can get a few seconds of silence.  Gawd, is this normal?  Or am I a nutter?

Here's what happened the first day out of school:

3:58 AM
I wake up.  What the??  What's going on here--ugggh, God, for real??  Had to be right now, huh???  Thank you mother nature.  Off to the bathroom.  Four of these, a tampon and a pad later and I try to go back to sleep.

The drug of choice.

5:50 AM
Husband's alarm goes off.  I am up.  He is not.

6:42 AM
I am landed on by Alex.  Ummph.  "I want to watch TV.  It's summer vacation and I don't need to get up and put clothes on, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, get my Zyrtec, get my backpack and lunch together and put shoes on and then go to school."  He continues, "I can get up and watch TV now I don't have to go to school."

I realize my husband at some point did get up and is out the door.  I am alone.

6:56 AM
Everyone is up and downstairs watching the start of an all day event called: Those Evil Bastards Phineas and Ferb Stole My TV and Won't Give It Back.

9:03 AM
I try to hide in the office only to be found by Gracie with a load in her pants and a roll of toilet paper wound all around the house, detailing her walking tour of the main level while taking a crap.

9:52 AM
I unwittingly come out of the office only to find the older two making what appears to be a miniature atom bomb on the kitchen counter all the while watching the afore mentioned little bastards who stole my TV who no doubt gave my spawn the idea to make a miniature A-bomb in the first place.

Atom bomb mess.

9:58 AM
I go upstairs and straighten the kids rooms.

10:18 AM
I try to sneak in a few (read twelve) Girl Scout cookies while I give Gracie a snack of Nilla wafers.  She spies my snack and pitches a fit.  Grabs both sides of her high chair, starts shaking it and screeching.  I had a fleeting thought that she reminded me of a monkey at the zoo trying to bust out of it's cage.  I have a little giggle.  She sees me getting a private laugh and her screaming, shaking and rattling take a drastic uptick.  Shit.  I cave and give her a cookie.  Too late.  She's gone over the edge and now wants NOTHING.

I try to calm her to no avail.  She Is One Pissed Off Maggot.

She pukes.

I winge.

And I'm hot, I'm sweaty and I still have cramps.  Fucking period.

I march her up to her bedroom and put her in her bed.  Slam the door and proceed to vacuum the house to block out her Screaming Fit of Rage all the while muttering a steady flow of obscenities under my breath, getting madder and madder at myself for my poor display of parenthood.

Now I'm hotter, sweatier and even pissier that I lost it over a Girl Scout Cookie.  A bloody Girl Scout cookie.  And it wasn't even a Thin Mint, it was a Samoa.  A God dammed Samoa...

11:22 AM
Done vacuuming and winging.  I've calmed down.  Gracie's out like a light and the kids are still making their atom bomb.

Start and finish cleaning puke after having forgotten about it and stepped in it.

Realize the ice maker is jammed with ice and is not working.  Walk away and make a mental note to tell hubs when he gets home.  Stick a dish towel in dispenser for safe keeping.

I hear a funny noise and disregard it.

11:34 AM
Make lunch knowing its going to be the same thing for the next several months:
  • Easy Mac for Alex---cheese on the side in a separate bowl.   
  • Velveta Shells for Lizzy---Velveta NOT Easy Mac.
  • Leftovers and scraps for myself. 
  • And Girl Scout cookies for Gracie.    

11:39 AM
I suck down four more Ibuprofen hoping my liver and kidneys hold out for another 6 days or my period ends, which ever comes sooner.

Come to the realization the oldest two are missing and so is their atom bomb.


I go investigate.  Found the funny noise--bath tub filling.

Turns out it wasn't an atom bomb after all, it was a floating-water-machine-experiment-thing-with-guns-and-bombs that is now being "tested" in a green pool of bath water. Thanks Crayola Bath Time Colors.  I owe you one.   

Also found this mess which was explained to me as "the lambs were drawing and getting ready for a race and makeup party."


I go back downstairs and think of ways to kill myself and time it juuuust right so the kids won't be left unattended for too long.

Realize I may botch it and would be left cleaning up that mess as well.

Scrap plan.

Also realize I forgot about lunch when the kids went missing A WHOLE FIVE minutes ago and now they most likely won't eat it as "it's been sitting too long."

11:41 AM
Call kids down to eat and indeed the food has been sitting too long and they're refusing to eat.

Hunger strike begins.

Kids go back upstairs to play in green water and race lambs.

I eat crappy sat-too-long shells and cheese.  It indeed tastes like shit.  Their huger strike is warranted but not excusable.  I will never fess up to this particular fact.

I had to stop here.  Really, need I continue??

Suffice it to say I'm over summer vacation and it's not even started.

Note: the rest of the day played out just as I thought it would--they got pissed at each other because they were hungry and hypoglycemic (imagine that) and came downstairs crying.  I made another lunch for them and they were happy till something spilled.  I went to get Gracie from her nap and I found her with her diaper off, having peed the bed, now pulling apart the diaper.  In the same bed I changed earlier.  I got a call from the Allergist saying Alex had an appointment tomorrow that I didn't know about and on and on and husband came home and to his shock and horror, I took a nice long drag off a bottle of wine before he even had his keys out of his hands, skipping a glass completely.  He had a blank stare to which I responded while wiping my lips with the back of my hand, "What?  What are you lookin at???"    

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A baseball game only we never watched baseball.

We went to a Royal's game the other night.  We took the kids out and off we went. Really it took over forty minutes to get everyone stuffed in the minivan and even then we had to turn back around and get sunglasses.  And even after getting said sunglasses we forgot them in the car once we were at the game.

Good thing we went back and got those sunglasses.

Anyway, I had visions of all of us sitting down and watching the game eating cotton candy and hot dogs from the vendors walking up and down the stairs shouting at us.

We were a family and by God we were going to have a  fun, family kind of night, watching the game.

Fountain view from our seats.  No wonder we were
in them for only 20 seconds.
No can do.

Not a snowball's chance in hell.

We were in our seats for exactly one half of the first inning before we were assaulted with, "I'm bored.  There's nothing to do.  I want to go home."

Alex started kicking the seat in front of him.  Lizzy joined in.

We were on our way to Meltdown City.

We got up and left our seats.

We wondered around and found the kid's zone.  Nirvana.

The water powered rotating baseball.
And my kid fondling it.  All night.  

Once we found it we never left.  We let the kids run and play and we watched the game on the TV's they had suspended on the walls for the adults.

We spent the rest of the night at the kid's zone and ogling the fountains.

Ground fountains.  Need I say more?
Alex died and went to heaven.

We did get hot dogs and cotton candy.

Just in the kid's zone.

We spent our first night at a national league baseball game in the outfield, nowhere near the game.  Playing in water, getting sopping wet.  

The kids having the time of their lives.  

As for us, we never went back to our seats.  We didn't even watch the game on the TV's.  We watched our kids.

Laughing and Happy.

PS--  I had to skip posting on Monday as I was banned from the office.  The audio guys were running around here like ants trying to fix things.  Apparently calling the Bossman on Sunday morning got the message through loud and clear that I was really not happy with our system.  And the really funny part???  We went downstairs to work on balance games on the Wii and IT DIDN'T WORK.  I simply handed the phone to my husband.     

Friday, July 8, 2011

Things I will never understand but I'm going to blog about anyway.

Here are some things that I just don't get and the more I try to wrap my brain around it the more confused I get.  I have a small brain like that.

Here ya go:
  • When my dental hygienist talks to me while I'm getting my teeth cleaned.  Now I'm not opposed to the talking bit, it's the part where she asks me questions and expects me to answer with her hands all in my mouth while wielding her sonic dental tool of death that has me miffed.  No, I can not answer you with a mouth full of spit and your hands and tools all jammed up and in there.  Stop getting mad at me for gurgling and not saying anything.  Seriously, I'm trying to concentrate on not licking you, like last time.  Now that would be embarrassing.    
  • Wearing Spanx at the pool.  And a bra.  And nothing else.  Who does this??? Apparently this woman at our pool does.  She had on one of those Bali cross your heart's and, I shit you not, white Spanx.  Who in their right mind goes out in public like that?!?  I get that it's a squillion degrees, plus humidity, but for the love of Pete quit raping my eyes.  

  • Listening to my daughter sweet talk the baby and it goes a little something like this: "Awww, who's got a pussy face, huh???  You have a pussy face, that's who!  Awww.  Pussy, pussy, pussy.  Do you have a pussy face?  Awww, you have such a sweet pussy face!" 
  • The fact The Association got all pissy, pissed-off when the high schoolers foamed the fountain.  It's an annual right of passage ya old farts.  Lighten up.  And the fact that it needed it.  Last I walked by, there was a dead animal of some sort floating around in there.  You aught to be thanking them for cleaning it out.  

  • The fact my husband wants Gracie to be potty trained at nineteen months.  I will not be a party to this.  She is not ready and I'm not going to be cleaning up pee and poo from the far corners of the house when she tries to hide her mess.  I already did this with my long dead cat and I have no wish to repeat it.  I stand firm on this and she will remain in diapers for the time being.  
  • My remote.  We just had the whole house wired for audio and, for my convenience, we paid $300 for each "smart remote" so I could use it without getting pissed, throwing it and breaking it.  This may, or may not have happened in the past with previous remote controls.  So when I went downstairs to watch TV and was able to turn on the TV but not hear anything I frigging saw stars.  I was pissed enough to call Audio Guy Owner on Sunday morning because now I had a $300 remote and I couldn't even get the satisfaction of throwing something because $300 was just too much money to be chucking against the wall for my total lack of anger management skills. 
  • To question the NO means NO policy.  You know, the one where a girl says "NO" it means NO, I'd rather not but thank you anyway.  It doesn't mean she really wanted it and was just mistaken.  I believe the theory is fundamentally flawed as my 18 month old does not listen to me at all when I say "NO."  Matter of fact, she went out of her way just today to do exactly what I didn't want her to do so that I was screaming, "NO, NO, NO!!!" at the top of my lungs and she looked me square in the face, said eff you, and still did it anyway.  Maybe it's not flawed, and maybe she didn't really say eff you, but every time she does something like that, after I say NO a zillion times, the thought that we expect someone to understand and respect the word NO makes me want to cut someone as my own eighteen month old doesn't even respect it.  Maybe she just doesn't respect me.  I don't know.  But that thought runs fleetingly through my mind as she's in the midst of her defiance.   

And now I leave you with one final conversation we had sitting round the table last night. My mom mentioned something about seeing a container full of cables and/or wires in the garage.  When she asked my husband what it was for and "Why on earth do we need a container full of wires and cables that were sitting out in the garage for over a year?"  My husband replied that, "No it could not go to Goodwill.  We may need them in the future" or some other load of crap that makes me fear for us being on the next episode of Hoarders.  I don't know.  I stopped listening as I knew how the conversation was going to end.  I kept sucking down my drink for fear of saying something I'd later regret.  I looked at my mom and may have mumbled a little too coherently, cue the regret part, "Welcome to my world" with a bonus eye roll to which my son replies, "Mom how many people are in your world?  One?"

Yes, my little boy, one very happy old lady getting drunker by the minute.  

So there you have it, things that I just don't understand or want to try to understand anymore.  Watch for me on an upcoming episode of Hoarders.  I have a feeling you'll know me when you see me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More than shells.

So I have one last thing that happened on vacation...

Earlier in the week I had gone out to a beach south of Blind Pass and I met another woman.  OK people, I'll tell you right now: it does not go that direction.  I'm good but not that good.

Anyway, we spied each other but kept our distance.  We respectfully kept our shell nets in own little area in front of us and played nice like two grown-ups are taught to do.  See, all that sitting around in Social Skills has paid off.

But in my mind it went a little something like this:  Shit. Shit. Shit.  She found the only good shell pile on this island and now I have to frigging play nice and share.  Damn it.  It wouldn't be so bad if this God damned island didn't decide to not give up any shells.  Maybe I'll bide my time here tonight and come back tomorrow.  Yeah, that's it, that's what I'll do.  It's a negative tide for God's sake.  You can bet I'll be back tomorrow.  Except earlier, way earlier.  I'm going to get here first.  

And that's exactly what I did.

See, I planed our vacation around my shelling habit.  Sure, the kids like the beach.  But I like to look for shells and since I'm in charge of this whole operation we went to the beach that has shells.  And wouldn't it figure, the island wasn't producing any shells.

Zilch. Bubkis. Nada. Nothing.  No good shells.

That and the negative tide bit.  A negative tides when the tide goes back into the ocean further than normal so you can get/see more shells.  Yes, I planned our vacation around that too.  So when I found this shell pile with this lady attached to it, there was no way I was letting go.  

But something happened.  She said, "Hi" and we started talking.  And talking.  And bit by bit I started to like her.  We got along.  She was the nicest person ever.

Ever people, ever.

Turns out she's a kindergarten teacher and when she asked why I was out here shelling without my family, or anyone at all, I responded that I needed some alone time because of all the stress and everything else that goes along with having a kid on the Spectrum.  All the OT/PT, Speech, Child Psych and lets not forget all the extra fun that comes along with school.

She got it.  She understood.  And she was kind.

And that's why when she pulled an alphabet cone, horse conch or anything else I wanted out of the ocean I was not in the least bit jealous.  I was happy.

On this trip I came away with a lot more than shells.

And for that I am grateful.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July.

I would like to thank those who make it possible for me to live in a country where I can be free.  To do what I want without repercussions.  To have a voice and to have a choice.  

And to live in a country where I can have my kids do weird things like this:

And afford me the opportunity to take pictures like this: 

And eat enough hamburgers, hot dogs and watermelon till I feel sick to my stomach.  Because that is my choice.  

It is not without pause that I say Thank You for the sacrifices you and your families have made.  Made for people like me, to remain free.  I do not know the angst of sending a family member off to fight.  I do not know what is like to see them leave.  To have them come back.  The same, yet different.  

To fight for causes that are beyond me.  

All to keep me safe.  And to be safe at home.  

My freedom comes at a price and for that I thank you.  

Thank You.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation in pictures...

I wrote this down in Sanibel and it had to wait till we got back.  It's still pretty valid so I thought I'd post it.  Let me rephrase that.  Since we've been home, I've been buried in laundry.  The kids have made a nightly habit of peeing in the bed, on the sheets, on the carpet, stuffed animals, toys and basically anything within striking range from their bed to the toilet.  And amazingly when they sit to pee they still have more in them.  I don't get it.  Anyway since I'm now looking at the front end of my washer and dryer this will have to do.

Here ya go.

I've established the fact we're on vacation.  I've also established the fact I have more than enough computers, wires, phones, cables and monitors to become a wholesale distributor or, at minimum, a small Radio Shack. But here's the one fact that's confounding me and quite frankly pissing me off.  I can hardly use a single one of the computers without getting logged out, timed out or pages simply not loading. 

See, nothing is compatible.  The I-pads won't work with my phone.  The mini won't work with an I-pad but will work with the phone.  Both phones will work with each other and I-touches but won't work with the mini.  The I-pads will work but not with each other and God forbid I hook a phone up to one of them to download pictures.  Then all of them get really bent out of shape and freeze up.  It's like they've ganged up, started their periods and won't ask for any Midol.  They're worse than my kids without sugar and don't get me started on what little ass holes they can be without their sugar.

The end result is that I can't work with any of them.  I can read all your blogs but none of my great gifts of technology will let me read or comment.  And I'm frustrated.  See, I want to talk to you guys and my computers are on their periods and pissed off and won't let me.  I'm more that a little mad, and drunk, and the combination has me banging on keyboards.  It's really hard to focus.  

So I'm sorry I can't post things to you guys.  I really want to. 

Anyway, this is want I originally had posted before I got way too frustrated and drunk:

First we had to stop at WalMart.  Enough said.  Then we spent an assload of money.  Apparently it costs upwards of $500 to feed a family of six for two weeks.  Here's the receipt to prove it.

I'll be damned if I make one of these:

I'm not getting anywhere near cleaning a single one of these:

And I have a moral obligation to drink all of these:

Oh yeah, the fridge has more!!!

Oh, after I sobered up a bit I figured things out.  Let me rephrase that.  I think I bitched so much my husband fixed things and now I'm happy.  

I'm going out here to take a self induced time-out which includes getting drunker and finding some more shells.   

And that's exactly what I did.  Alone and without kids, I went out for some peace and quiet.  I think I may have spilled the majority of my drink when I bent over to get a shell but I was alone.  There was no way in hell I was going back in to get a refill.