Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm hooking on a different corner.

There has been a metric ton of stuff going on this weekend and I feel like I'm running around brainless but I will talk of none of that today.  No, you can't make me.

I'm over at Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles today, talking about safety.

Cool pic, huh?  Now go click on that link and check her out.  

I will be back on Wednesday talking about my usual things such as giving my daughter more crabs, having the baby climb out of her crib and scaring me shitless in the middle of the night and how Alex could give a rip about anything other than settling the score.

Now go to Flannery's and show some love.  Please?!?  Just click on the sentence and it will take you there.  Like Harry Potter but not.


  1. Sure Liz. I'll visit just for you.

  2. Okay, but I want to hear more about the crabs...

    1. Oh God, one died and we went and picked up two more so now we have 5 crabs....ewwww.

  3. Hahaha! I read the other post but didn't come here first - so I had no idea how you had titled this! Just had to say - perfect!

  4. Look forward to your post, sounds....intriguing?!?!

    xx Jazzy

  5. Oh my hell. I am in love with this title. :) hahaha


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