Friday, August 10, 2012

Steer clear of I-94. We're going to be on it.

By the time you read this we should have worked our way from south Kansas City to North Dakota.  See, we left on Thursday to go to a wedding.  A wedding that we could not miss.  One that under any other circumstances I'd have written it off and sent back the reply card with the "Unable to attend," box checked off faster than you can read this paragraph.


This is a wedding we didn't want to miss.  It's the wedding of a dear friend.  She's one of several friends that make my heart stray to the Northern Plains.

North Dakota: home of the sugarbeet, soybean and sunflower.

And then we turn right back around and come home on Sunday.

And then school starts.

And because of that, we're anxious, nervous and stimming.  We've had a volley of emails regarding meeting new teachers, of which we have three new ones this year, IEP concerns, agendas and the list goes on.

Somehow our summer is over and we're right back to another school year.  And I'm loathe to see it happen.

Like a switch, Alex has been turned on, stimming---flicking his wrists, shaking his head back and forth at lightening speed and melting down at the slightest of things.

I'm sad to see our summer melt away, right before our very eyes.

So by the time you read this, we'll have dealt with car sickness, cussing, swear words and more fights than you can imagine.  And all of that before we're even out of the Kansas City metro.  Add to it, I have a new found fear of our car tire falling off, and visions of how horribly wrong our vacations can go, and I'm nervous too.

I don't know how much I'll be able to access the computer over the next few days, as it's our go to item when Alex is stressed.  If I don't surface by Monday I'd start to worry.


  1. Melt away is right Liz. My son doesn't start back until early september so I gues we're lucky. Jacob has been on edge lately too, because of school starting up soon. I hope you guys have a good trip and hope to hear from you soon.

  2. We don't have the long car ride...but the other stuff?? So there with you. I hope that Alex relinquishes the computer by Monday so you can check in. Enjoy the wedding!

  3. Hope you have a relatively calm and peaceful weekend, before the school nightmare begins. And wow, 3 new teachers...that's triple the usual stress. Hang in there, friend.

  4. Have fun at the wedding! Try not to think too much about the "s" word. It will be there waiting for you on Monday.

  5. Enjoy the wedding. Hope you survive the trip!

  6. Hope the change of scenery gives you more fun things to think about for a couple of days!

  7. Enjoy the wedding, and I hope that the first day of school is much less stressful than thinking about the first day of school!

  8. Is there some portable form of a Monopoly game involved in this trip? If so, I urge you not to place money bets against the little champ... ;)

    Don't let Gracie catch the bouquet, and keep your tires on! We will all stress about school together when you return. xo

  9. I love weddings, and I hope you do by the time you get back xx

  10. Have fun and be safe! What's the worst that could happen (she said ominously.)

  11. Keep your wheels on sweetie and congrats to your dear friend on her wedding. Try not to think about Monday. Xo

  12. I hope that the trip goes okay and that you are able to enjoy the wedding!

  13. I'm glad you're getting to go to your friend's wedding. I wish you safe journeys and hope that all will settle soon as you get Alex back into the school routine and that the stumbling blocks will be surmountable for him. He'll do good, he's got you right behind him ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  14. sending multiple postive vibes
    It will all be okay
    ( if not - it will atleast be over by Monday LOL .. if its not , at least there is alcohol )

  15. oooooh....hope it all goes well!! XXX

  16. I always wondered where the home of the sugarbeet was! There, you have helped me to check something off of my list of "Things to find out" Hang in there..take a deep breathe..Just think, by the time Christmas break comes..our kids will finally be adjusted to school...just in time for the holidays! Would you like me tto send you some "My Little Ponies?" Really-it wouldn't be a problemmm

    1. Haha! And they stink something awful when they are being processed. Something they never tell you either. :)

  17. I hope the wedding went well and the trip was better than expected.

    But it's Wednesday and you aren't here.
    Should we send out the posse looking for you?
    Are you there under the table with a bottle of gin?
    I'll be right there - I'll bring the tonic and limes.
    That's what friends are for!


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