Friday, September 7, 2012

When did we get so busy?!?

So the problem I'm having right now is life is getting in the way.  You would have thought that with school starting I'd have some free time.


We've had some family drop in unexpectedly and a situation at school that I will post on later but not now.  Right now I just need to get through today and breathe.  While in theory those are small things, in reality they have blown up in our faces.  Because of that I've been a bit absent.

And because we're also working on this:

After one hail storm, three appraisers, one mitigator, arbitration, two contractors, three attorneys and eighteen months, we've finally been given the go ahead by a certain nameless insurance company to rip off the roof and start over.  Now we're in the process of picking a roof, garage doors, gutters/downspouts and exterior paint and trim.

Want a good way to freak out the kids in your family?  Make plans to rip off your roof.

I swear, the only saving grace with the drought in Kansas has been the fact we've not had any rain.  That was, until last week, when the remnants of Hurricane Isaac dumped three inches of much needed rainfall into our laundry room.

Right before the Irish Festival Lizzy was dancing in.  And right into the light fixture because well, why not?

To say Alex got the shit scared out of him when he turned on the light was an understatement.  "Mom!!!  MOM!!!  There is water coming from the light in the ceiling!!  Water and electricity don't mix!!  Mom, we're all gonna to die! Aggggghhh...."

He lost his mind and went on and on about the issues we were going to have with the house burning down, electrocution, and other untoward results from water dripping out of the light fixture.....

I just looked at my husband and said, "Fuck.  Flip the breaker, get a bucket and lets go."  Which is exactly what we did.

Minus our tickets to the Irish Festival.

And minus Alex's headsets.

In the midst of talk of electrocution and death by fire, getting dancing shoes, tackling the toddler and finding snacks and bug spray, I somehow managed to forget them.


Day one.  I'd like to think of the Irish Fest as more of an
endurance event....

So we got there and Lizzy danced her ass off.  She was awesome.  Gracie ate her weight in Cheeto's and Alex and I played War all the while discussing how a person could die from being electrocuted and all the finer points of an electrical current when it runs through human flesh.

Center Stage baby.

My girl was center stage.
And no, none of these girls are my baby. 

Yup, that's right.  We played a good old fashioned game of War in the middle of her dance routine.  In our defense, it was almost two hours long and was in 100 degree heat.

We sat through the whole thing playing cards and talking about death by electrocution.


And I couldn't have been prouder.  All the noise, crowds, heat and stress and he did great.  Sure, he turned into one big hive later that night, but he got through it that afternoon.

Day two.  

So while Lizzy danced, Gracie ate and Alex and I played, I looked around and came to a realization.  I may be busy, I may be stressed and I've had absolutely no to time to write is good.

Life is good.

Now, anyone want to help decide on garage door and trim color?


  1. I'm fond of that shamrock green for the trim. ;-)

  2. All the best with the building work - nothing as bad as working on a house in which you actually live.

    Great to "meet " you too and greetings from South Africa (my one son has SPD so found you there)

    1. Hello!!! I think work will start in October. The kids are NOT happy.

  3. Happy to hear that life is busy and good. Can't ask for more than that!! Good luck w/ the roof and stuff...sounds like a headache.

    1. I think it will be but it will be nice to get the water out of the house.

  4. Oh well, at least you can't say that your life is boring!! :-)
    Hello cat in South Africa.... from Di in South Africa... *waving*

  5. Wow--that is green in that picture! I am glad that you're feeling positive about things even in the face of a flooding laundry room and a mangled roof and school issues and unexpected company and...

    I am in awe of you. You are my hero!

    1. Thanks lady although the other option of sitting curled up in the fetal position in the bathroom is looking pretty appealing right now too!

  6. ...busy with that good life...that is just perfect :)

  7. I hope your renovations go smoothly. I don't know how Jacob would handle his room leaking. He'd probably want to share our room if it did. And on a lighter note, is that green fountain gushing beer?

  8. Could the kids do the choosing? And I laughed about the elctrocution because it would be exactly the same here :)

    1. They are helping with the colors! Alex didn't want any brown and wanted the exact same color we currently have. It's brown.

  9. You have so much going on! I wish there was a video of Lizzy dancing! The photos are of her recital- just not her?! Such cute little outfits!

    The crowds though - that must have been so hard on Alex! Toots does not have a long tolerance for these kinds of things and two hours in that heat? Good for Alex but holding it in til it comes out in hives is terrible! Poor little guy trying to do so good!

    Hmm since brown is no good, how about "mahogany"?

    I'm sending lots of positive thoughts - rainbows - unicorns and kitten s#^* your way. Waiting to hear the rest of the story...

  10. I think the worst part of home remodeling is finding a contractor you can trust. That's why I do most of my remodling myself.

  11. Glad things are going good for you guys despite the leak. We have a roof leak (actually a chimney leak) too. My son woke me up in the middle of the night to let me know there was water leaking in his room. (which is two floors under the roof so the drip must be going through the walls and floor.) It also ended up coming through the light fixture in his room. I put a bucket under it and went back to bed. He seemed cool with it. The cats like watching the drips. It's all good.

  12. Now I have a vision of you living in one of those little play houses that you can take the roof off of and have a look around. Guess it will be time to call colors by the names the paint companies give them!

  13. Our roof got fixed (re-done? I don't know, the structural part was fine but all the shingles had to go and be replaced, it got a lot of roof on my lawn!) when Mini Meerkat was a baby. It was LOUD. I'm pretty sure she would be very unhappy if I told her our roof was going to get torn off now.

    But I'm glad life is good!

  14. Um...dumb question because I live in an apartment but how does one pick out a roof?

    So glad that you all had fun at the Irish Festival! And that Alex did such a great job :D

  15. See? That's why I love you... Through all of that, you still saw the good life. Much better Thani could have done. (oops can't fix that typo for some reason- dam iPad). And really... Not even an fbomb. Hmmmm

  16. you are amazing
    you know that I hope
    LOVED The pix and loved that you played WAR 0- cause that is what life is sometimes

  17. Wow, your girl does Irish Dancing..fabulous! Yes, it always catches me out too, that life will be less busy when he goes back to school. It NEVER works out that way. 'Stuff to be done' always materialises. Good look with the new roof!

    xx Jazzy

  18. It was a busy kind of weekend -- so please don't be mad that I'm only commenting now. I actually loaded your post and attempted to comment at like, two different times during the weekend -- but was subsequently interrupted. Sigh.

    I'm glad that things went well enough for you at the festival -- and the dancers look fabulous. LM would have LOVED to see them. During the summer, they brought Irish dancers to her school -- you should have SEEN her imitation of an Irish step dance!

  19. So much progress!

    Real Irish carry a flask, just sayin.

    Also, it seems like in the long run it would be waaaaay easier to just move to a new house.

    Glad you're back and love the pics!

  20. Ah you made it through! Alex is so smart though--water and electricity don't mix! Good for him for absorbing something from boring old school...or maybe even from elsewhere.


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