Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer can suck it, part deux.

And then we fast forward to our summers now.  I can’t leave the kids outside to play by themselves.  I don’t dare.  The kids are dysregulated, we’ve had meetings about Lizzy and her Dyslexia, we’ve been going to therapies and Tae Kwon Do camp.   And after this weekend I’m calling to a halt to everything but the Tae Kwon Do camp because I’ve already paid for it and every child needs to know how to spar with their siblings, right?
Anyway….I took the kids out to our local blueberry patch on Saturday.  It was nice, not too hot.
The kids started out, “I’m hot.  It’s too hot.  Can’t we just go to the store and buy some blueberries?”
“No, we are not going out to the store to get blueberries, you need to see how these things are made, out in the wild.  Well, not really out in the wild, but you get my point.”
“No, I don’t get your point, Mom.  Why can’t we just get them at the store?”  Alex stated, one last try to get us to stay at home.
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