Friday, January 28, 2011

In our house we stir by hand.

It's amazing what pops into my head and when.  My daughter and I were baking a cake today and it dawned on me.  I never use a blender.  Ever.  It seems so, dare I say it, normal not to use one. 

The first time I used a blender to make a cake with Alex, I darn near peeled him off the ceiling.  It was instantaneous.  He screamed, wriggled and tried to claw his way out of my arms like a feral cat.  Torn between trying to get away from the offending noise and stay in the security of my arms.   Cake batter went flying everywhere because, stupid me---I couldn't make the connection.  So like an idiot, I got things cleaned up and turned it on again.  Let's just say two was the magic number.

I cut myself some slack on this one since he was only about 12 months old at the time.  Hindsight's twenty-twenty, right?

Over the course of Alex's life I've found out the hard way some of his hearing sensitivities.  Basically, it's anything with a high pitched wine, excluding his sisters.  Here are some of the most offending noise makers in our house:

Beaters                                         Blender
Coffee grinder                                 Knife sharpener
Pencil sharpener, automatic            Electric toothbrush
Hair dryer                                       Lawnmower
Weed whacker                               Sirens

Well, needless to say, seven years later and I still stir the cake batter by hand.  I'm OK with that.

In our house, Tink lives in a castle.


  1. You might want to think twice about the lawnmower and the weed wacker as noise makers "in our house" too. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I didn't notice the play on words w/the cake & other sentence...that is what you are talking about, right?!? If not please fill me in, I'm a little short on sleep and am down to about an idiot level of intelligence... :)


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