Friday, August 19, 2011

I love that Nutty Dingo so much I packed up and spent the day!

I'm over at Flannery's!  I forced my way over and I'm over at her house guest posting!  I guess after hanging out on her front porch and moving my RV in her driveway she decided to let me in the hope's I'd eventually leave.  

See, I want a dog.  My kids are allergic to everything including the control strip and damn-it I want a dog.  And Flan has the Dingo and that Dingo is one crazy dog and I wanted a piece of that action.  So I invited myself over and I'm settling in.

As a bonus, I hear she's wicked cool to drink with and since it's Friday and school started, I really need a drink.  I thought I'd start my binge early, sweat off my hangover off till Sunday and be out of her driveway by Monday.

Pop on over and visit Flannery at Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles. 

As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."  I'm only stealing her quote.  Martha really makes my butt pucker.


  1. Please, oh please, remember to empty the RV's shitter in her storm sewer while sucking on a can of Meister Brau. 'Cause Flan would LOVE that.

  2. "Marth really makes my butt pucker". Best thing I ever read.

  3. Ahhh, it is always nice to go to someone else's house and hang out in your underpants.

    Is that TMI?

  4. I gotta go with Allie -- "Martha really makes my butt pucker" is pure awesomeness. I am stealing it!

    Have fun with your mini vacation and puppy love!

  5. Sorry -- there was supposed to be formatting to indicate snark on that "Have fun with your mini vacation and puppy love!" line, but apparently blogger refused to accept my "creative coding." Damn you blogger! -- I know you're not really on vacation all by yourself-- 'Cause if you were I would hate you forever and stop reading your blog and... Now I'm off to empty that bottle of kahlua into my coffee and get on with the day!

  6. Okay Lizbeth, I'm heading on over, but first I wanted to tell you that I forced one of those bloggy award thingies on you.

    It's here:


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