Friday, October 21, 2011

See, this is why I don't get drunk. Or maybe I should do it more often. Now I think I've said too much.

I had a complete meltdown about three weeks ago, right after Alex kicked me in the gut after a pretty rough day at school.  I came home and had a good cry in my closet.  Unlike my kid's meltdown there was no-one there to tell me things were going to be OK.  There was no-one there to make me brownies.  And most of all, there was no-one there to tell me they would kill that mean nasty teacher if she acts up again or, at minimum, threaten her with bodily harm or a good throat punch.

So like the big girl that I am, I made brownies for myself and had a glass of wine (or two or three) as soon as my husband walked in the door.

And since I'm a big girl and I was wearing my big girl panties, I figured the Gods of fortune were smiling down on me.  They were telling me something.

And because I know how to use the computer and a credit card and I could still figure out how to use the two simultaneously, I figured the Gods were really trying to tell me something.

So I got on the computer and went effing crazy.

I booked a trip down to Sanibel using all our frequent flyer miles.  Since I was still a little tipsy and still a little more than upset, I booked the condo I've had my eye on for over a year.  The Gods were really smiling down on me as I managed to score a decent price.  Gotta love Florida in the off season.

And its been one of the better decisions I've made all year.  I told the kids and my husband that we were going back to Sanibel and the smiles, oh the smiles.  Since then, Alex has been surviving school just to get to our trip date.

My husband told me it was the best way to celebrate our anniversary and I knew he understood my stress and how I've been hanging on by a thread.

By A Thread.

So that is how it came to be that we are going out of town in the upcoming week.  Unlike what I did last time, I will not be writing while we're down south.  I'm going to be spending the week with the kids trying to get them to de-stress, have fun and getting drunk.  I mean, me get drunk not the kids get drunk.  Oh hell, you know what I mean.

So when I go silent I will miss you all but I know you of all people will understand.  Understand what it means to get away.  To give the kids a chance to unwind.  To give them something to look forward to.  To give them hope.  And to give them a break.  For me as much as them.

If only I was sober at the time I would have known not to book the trip while Aunt Flow was in town.  Apparently the Gods have a sick sarcastic side as well.  

Feel free to yuck it up in the comments and have your own little party down there.

Note:  This could not be coming at a better time.  Alex punched his para at lunch yesterday and has been melting down both at home and at school more and more frequently.  He has taken to lying about doing things and is generally anxious and scared.  We are having another IEP meeting when we get back and I'm in the process of getting an advocate.  Sigh.   

And I have to find someone to watch our crabs.  See, that doesn't even sound right.  God, I hate those things.   


  1. go have some fun! I hope everyone gets a chance to relax- you all deserve it.

  2. Will you be going shelling again? That sounds like the most wonderful, relaxing thing in the world.... As long as no creepers show up!

    I hope you have a wonderful time and can't wait to see pics!

  3. hugs darling
    I am so sorry to hear how rough things have been
    I really hope you get a chance to relax and refill yourself

  4. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. Hopefully the vacation will be relaxing and restorative for every one.

  5. I'm happy for you to be able to get away. Oh how I love Sanibel Island. Have a great relaxing time and remember wine is good for what ails you!!

  6. Have a good break; you all deserve it. PS glad to read the crabs are alive and well; hope you find a babysitter.

  7. Oops, just read your previous post and the loss of the crab. Hope the new addition is settling in and the kids are happy. x

  8. It's so good to get away sometimes. And it sounds like it's happening at just the right time.

    For some reason, when you mentioned going online with the credit card, I had visions of new shoes. Girl, you did it up much, much better than silly shoes! I would call you very productive after a few glasses of wine and some chocolate.

    As for the crabs, maybe you should take them along and release them on the beach. Can you check crabs in your luggage??

  9. I feel like I'll probably have to come to the comments just to say, over and over. . . "where are you? I don't understand."

  10. Going away will be good for all of you. We are kind of in the same boat. My kid has been hitting adults too and I fear that they want to kick him out of the program.

    I would love to go away and drink many glasses of wine. I'll have to settle for sitting on my sofa, while watching International House Hunters and drinking many glasses of wine.

  11. Next time, remember I will throat punch any be-yotch that gets in your face AND make you a dozen brownies!! And remember, we're all here to tell you it will get better!!

    Maybe Alex is going through a growth spurt. That's what I'm thinking with Tootles - he is melting down quite a bit lately too.

    I will miss you tons! But I'm glad you are not silly enough to take the computer again! Enjoy - stay away from the bugs! Hug your family and btw, can I borrow that credit card? ;)

  12. I'm so glad you got drunk and booked a vacation!! We should all do that. Yay for drinking and credit cards!

    Seriously though, I hope you all can unwind a little, and come back a little calmer.

    I don't know if Alex takes medication or anything, but maybe it's something to look at for his anxiety. Or maybe you could get some for you too. Pills for everybody!!

    Have a safe and relaxing trip, my friend. Crossing my fingers that all goes well, and the upcoming IEP is without strife.

  13. Wait...why isn't your mom posting for us in your absence? Or is she going too?

    Hope the vacation is absolutely marvelous, and maybe Flow will get the hint and abbreviate her stay! (Actually, I would rather that than travel with I am sure anybody accompanying me would as well!)

  14. 'Apparently the Gods have a sick sarcastic side..'

    Apparently? Always have, always will.

  15. @christy--thanks!

    @Mom2LittleMiss--Yes!!! I'm so excited!!!

    @K-floortime lite mama--thank you and hugs right back to you as well. :)

    @Angela--I hope so too.

    @Peg--you know it. For once I'm looking forward to stopping at the Liquor store next to Walmart.

    @Deb--all are doing well and hopefully my brother in laws dog will eat them. He's watching them while we are away.

    @Along Came the Bird--I'm letting my brother in laws dog eat them. I'm hoping he forgets to put the lid on the aquarium and he goes to town on the little buggers....

    @jim--listen mom you know exactly where I am. Knock it off and go spread come comment love. I'm a natural born comedian.

  16. @Lisa--sigh. I wish there was some way to take away some of their fear and anxiety. I wish.... I think house hunters has million dollar homes on tonight. yay!

    @Karen--thanks. thanks so much. I know you Grace and Flannery would be good for a throat punch and I love you all for it. Hugs lady.

    @Flannery--I would love to pill everyone up! Thing is, I know all his (and mine) stress is coming from his teacher. But I am looking into it further as he is so stressed. It breaks my heart. Know I'll drink a good one, two or three for you, I'm good like that.

    @Andrea--she's coming too unless the real "Jim" steps up and fakes us all out....just kidding. In commments yesterday someone postulated that Jim was my mom in disguise! Come to think of it, it could happen!!

    And yeah, me on my period is way better than catching me a few days prior. Haha!

    @Mike--well, where were you when I was doing all my on-line purchases?!? ;)

  17. Have fun! Sometimes it just takes a family vacay and unplug yourself from everything to make you feel new again.

    Have a fabulous time--and I love going anywhere during the off season. So peaceful.


  18. You cry in your closet too? Now I've said too much.

    But I never thought about bringing wine in. Heck, maybe I should. Then maybe I'll book a cool vacation too.

    Have a great time in Sanibel!

  19. Have a wonderful, relaxing time! Don't worry about us, we have Jillsmo to help us get through.

    I will want to hear all about the advocate and the IEP meeting when you get back, but until then, enjoy yourself, lady.

  20. Wow, I'm sorry you've been having such a tough time. I've been shamefully self absorbed recently with my little bureaucratic fights sternly worded letters, so I haven't been visiting blogs (much less commenting) as much as I would like.

    I also understand the drunkenness.... I made a boo boo too (of a different sort) and had a couple of beers during International night at school (I'm also on anti anxiety meds so the combination made my husband say "I think it's time to go home now" **lmao**)

    **YAY** vacation!! We have our life line coming up in November (visiting my family in Mexico). I hope you have a fantastic time and you all get your batteries recharged!!

  21. Oh, and in case you didn't know it, individual teachers can be personally sued for not following the IEP of a student. A teacher in West Virginia who refused to do so lost 10K.

    So just for grins, imagine your nemesis as one of those persons on the corner with a sign begging for food.

  22. This sounds like a perfect idea. I'm so glad you're finding the time to invest some happy energyinto yourselves. I hopeyou have a wonderful/drunk time. ;)

  23. Good for you! I wish I could have a few glasses of wine, book a trip, and have my husband be happy! ; ) Enjoy!!!!! And hopefully the school stuff will get better, but, yeah, school is the bane of our existence, soooo, I get it.

  24. Good for you, girl! You so deserve it!

    This weekend I was supposed to go to my friend's wedding. My sister was coming to stay with the kids, so my husband and I could travel out of state for the wedding. Well, at the last minute my sister had car trouble (she lives three hours from us) and we had no one to take care of the kids. We also were unable to get a refund on the hotel room. So, instead I made my husband play hooky from work and we took the kids on an awesome trip. I skipped the wedding because kids weren't invited and it was in a small town a couple hours from our hotel (we had decided to stay in St. Louis and then drive to the wedding the next morning so we could stay somewhere cool rather than in that dumpy small town). Anyway, I didn't mean to get into all that. The point is, we had a BLAST! It was totally spontaneous and we let the kids decide what we should do all weekend. We went to a kids' museum, swam in the hotel pool and watched WAAAAY too many cartoons. It was like a balm to all of us. I have now promised that we will do something like this at least a couple times a year. So worth it! Have a great time!

  25. Oh, you so need AND deserve that break! So glad to hear you won't be writing from...down there.. I will of course miss your hilarious posts but it's good you're taking a break from everything;-)

    great idea on the could make the differenc. School(ie teacher) is not working for him and THEY need to fix. So there.

    You'll arrive home refreshed and able to take them on. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost....not quite!

    Enjoy your holiday:-)

    xx Jazzy

  26. Where are you?

    I don't understand!

  27. This is proof perfect that we can't get through this life sober. No one would ever go on vacation (or buy crabs, but let's not ruin the moment). Enjoy your time away and may no creepy men interrupt your shelling.

  28. Here the media frequently mention the fact that many people choose not to have kids anymore. They love to speculate why.

    I do. It's all that dealing with schools and teachers.

  29. Hope you're having a great time with good wine and good weather. Oh and good kids too :)

  30. See? Fate guided you to book that trip at just the right time. Just thinking, Lizbeth: do you think Alex punched his para at lunch because the anticipation for his trip, and the idea that he could escape school soon, but not soon enough made him a little nutty? And by "nutty" I mean "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!"

    Jack goes bananas when something is looming in the future, even if it's good. Waiting makes him insane.

  31. I have been wrapped up in my own life and not checked your blog for a week. And, now you've taken a well deserved vacation. Good for you.

    FYI- If I lived in the same town, I would have made
    a buttload of brownies and ate them in the closet with you. ;)

  32. I hope that as I write this, you are lying on a beach chair, crab-free and drink in hand. A trip seems like the perfect antidote for you all right now.
    ps does your mom still have THE ROBE? Just wondering....

  33. Where are you?

    I don't understand!


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