Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A somewhat wordless Wednesday.

 For as much as I am loathe to admit it, the seasons are changing.  We're out of summer and into the shorter days of fall.  Here are some images from the park that we go to on a pretty regular basis.

We are slowly settling into the routine of school and getting used to the sun setting earlier and earlier.

And taking breaks outside when we can as I can see the window on nice weather coming to a close.

I tried to get Alex to come.  He didn't want to go as he's not fond of the outdoors.  I think he said something along the lines of, "I can see nature perfectly fine from the kitchen window.  Thank you."

It was a little moment of alone time with Lizzy.  We managed to find fish and snail shells in the pond and spent a few precious moments together.

Sorry, no pictures of me almost falling in the pond or the foul language that accompanied it.  I'll leave that to your imagination...


  1. Adore the pics
    My favorite season is fall
    But i am dreading winter

  2. Alex cracks me up!

    I love fall - the crisp in the air, early morning frosts and crunchy grass, the smell of slightly rotted leaves - okay, that's weird, even for me. But true. :)

  3. Love the pictures. Autumn is my favourite time as well but it is also the time when the C word starts to appear!!

  4. Awwww, nearly wordless Wednesday, and what words there were. . . profane! It's like you're living my life!

  5. Alex is right. Nature is overrated. But your pictures are pretty.

  6. Pretty pictures! I'm looking forward to slightly cooler weather and pretty trees. Glad you got to enjoy a few moments alone with your little girl.

  7. Ooooh--love the butterfly on the flowers!

  8. Who knew what a photographic artist you were?! Love the pink of Lizzy against the fall colors. I also cannot believe how you captured those vivid colors of the flowers and the butterfly (moth?)! I wish I could say I was more like you and Lizzy and less like Alex, but then, that would just be a lie... ;)

  9. @K-floortime lite-mama--I love this time of year too and despise winter too....

    @Kelly--I know exactly what you're talking about.

    @Deb--it took me a minute on the C word...and then I got it!!!

    @Jim--haha! Yeah, I can't do a post without some bad words....

    @Grace--Hahaha!! You do have a valid point as I was the one who was ass deep in pond scum...

    @Christy--thanks, I wish there were more moments like these, sigh.

    @Andrea--yeah, Lizzy's favorite!

    @Karen V.--Swallowtail butterfly. Lizzy is a butterfly connoisseur. Bwaahhh, you're secret's safe with me lady!

  10. this is my favourite time of year and it's been so bullshitty ruined by HUMIDITY and dankness and summer temperatures that I'm angry enough to write a whole post about it, even though complaining about the weather is for the aged.

    Anyhow, beautiful pictures. Glad you had a nice day!

  11. I love the fall, it's so pretty and you can still get gorgeous dsys... I only like winters when there's snow and everyone's snowed in for a couple of days. I always sing "It's a snow day" to the tune of "she's got the world in her hands"

  12. ha! Fall for you means summer for me sooooo- SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!!!! It's my turn for storms, extreme heat and bushfire threats. So there! Tee hee.

    Tell Alex that if he doesn't start reading fiction soon then he'll have to start writing something better than JRR Tolkein. And if he can do that then we'll all holiday in Hawaii together each year on his earnings- Hawaii, where it's summer ALL year round!


  13. Great pics! I love Fall. It's my favorite season! And the weather this year has been just gorgeous! But, I am soooo dreading winter!

  14. Beautiful pics! Although after hearning about your adventure with the pond, perhaps the boy-child has a good point about seeing the great outdors from the gret indoors?

  15. love the pictures, the butterfly was beautiful. Would have loved to have been the butterfly to see your near pond dunking x

  16. Lovely to get a visual window into your world :) And my boy sounds very like Alex x

  17. You're outvoted, Fall is the best time of year!!!!

    Love the butterfly/flower pic, nice job!

    I'm kind of like Alex, I like to see nature, and smell it, and appreciate it...but I don't want to touch it and get dirty or sweaty or anything like that.

  18. That flower/butterfly picture is amazing! I would have liked to have seen the falling into the pond pictures, though! I love a good pratfall, especially when it's not mine!

  19. Do you watch Parenthood? Alex reminds me of Max....

  20. Dang, you get some serious comment love, lady!

    But what beautiful pictures! I love, love, love them.

    Did I mention that I love them?

  21. @Karensometingorother--I KNOW!! I have friends up north and they are all WTF, where's the snow?!?

    @MarsupialMama--I like fall too but loathe the winter. Sigh. I'm ready for spring!

    @Ness--HAHA! He told me to shove off when I tried to get him to read fiction again. He won't make it to Hawaii at this rate--but I can!

    @Heather--I'm not a fan of winter either...

    @Mom2LittleMiss--I should have listened to him. Thankfully he didn't see my muddy feet/pants/legs otherwise it would have sealed the deal for him!

  22. @Oatie's mom--Haha! Lizzy thought it was hilarious...thank God she didn't think of taking a picture.

    @Looking for Blue Sky--From reading your blog, our boys DO sound a lot alike. :)

    @Flannery--and drink. Don't forget you like to drink. And I'll drink with you. Heavily.

    @Patty O.--I know, I love it when sh*t happens to other people. Makes me laugh and feel more human. :)

    @WhisperingWriter--yeah, I had to go to the park to get them, our landscaping is torched from the sun.

    @Bonnie--You know I don't....hits too close to home I think. Thanks for saying HI!

    @NJAMB!--thanks! But I think your writing is WAY better. Just sayin. :)

  23. So, Alex and Cody have something in common. They both do not care to be outdoors. Imagine that. :)


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