Thursday, December 16, 2010

twist of fate

Funny how things work out...remember that Christmas/Holiday program I mentioned yesterday?  Well, Alex woke up last night and puked.  Just like that we're off the hook!  Apparently they're dropping like flies at school.  

I hate puke.  The reason we waited 5 years to have kids is because I'm so puke adverse.  So what do I get?  A kid that pukes, like, all the time.  Granted this is a 24 hour thing but the kid's chucked more in his lifetime than a bulimic.  And as of today he has NEVER EVER made it to a toilet, garbage can, ANYTHING.  Always on the carpet, bed (last night) or me.   Now I'm up to my armpits in laundry and I feel like I'm one of those ducks at the shooting range just waiting to be nailed by this thing.  I've been deciding what I'm going to eat based on what I want to see thrown back at me.  This is so fricking disgusting. 

The horrible part is because of Alex's Asperger's, he not sure what his body is telling him.  It confuses the hell out of him.  Today he still can't tell me if he's hungry or if he hurts.  And he's seven.  Soooo, as his mom, I never know what's coming at me.  I'm torn.  I love the little kiddo but for once can't he make the damn toilet???

I leave you with this picture because this is really where I'd rather be.  I'd like to tap my shoes three times and get the hell out of this nasty germ hole I call home and go find some shells. 
Sanibel beach

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