Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho Ho Ha

We've been a little busy in the house so I'll compile a few day's worth in to one post.  The kids were up way late Christmas Eve watching the NORAD radar of where Santa was located.  They finally got sufficiently freaked out when they saw him hit the East Coast and under much pressure and a few too many threats from us they made it off to bed.  They were so exhausted from staying up late we actually were stuck in our bedroom waiting for them to come in and exclaim "Santa was here!!!" 

Christmas was pretty good.  No major meltdowns from Alex.  I was worried because he was so excited for Thanksgiving he puked all over our guests feet.  Kinda dimmed the desire to eat....  Needless to say I was petrified we would have a repeat.  On carpet.  On presents.

We're a day after Christmas and each kid has been plugged into their new I-touch, compliments of grandma, since yesterday noon.  I feel like a bad parent because they've been cube eyed since they opened their gifts but I'm loving the time to clean up the mass destruction.

We missed the How It's Made marathon.  Apparently it was on Christmas day and not on Christmas Eve.  Since the I-touch has taken the number one spot in our house the How It's Made was a distant memory.

We're now two days post-Christmas and the kids are about ready to eat each other.  I've put them in either corner of the house but they always manage to migrate back to each other, its like they're magnetized or something.  Hang on...and back to the corners they go... 

As I was writing this, I was looking for pictures of the tree to post.  Alex came in and said: "You have pictures of the tree, with presents under night?  How'd you do that?"

Oh Shit.

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