Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm back with Awards! Yeah, I'm soooo gonna tag you.

The kids are still on break and I'm a bit dazed, caged and confused but its good to be back to blogging.  I missed everyone!  I'll tell you all about break later but right now lets settle for this.

I love getting awards, really I do.  This one is especially pretty because it's a flower.  I like flowers.  I really like them when they are outside.  At a distance.  In someone elses yard.  Or at the park.  The one three miles away.  Yeah, the park is even better.

Because while I like to look at flowers, they don't really like my family.  They cause my kids eyes to swell shut from all their fun pollen.  The kids start rapid fire sneezing so I swear I'm at an artillery range.  All I want to do is duck and cover.  Don't even get me started on how allergic my husband is.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get that plants have to reproduce, but really, couldn't they have evolved pollen-less pollen or something?

I totally got sidetracked there...

Anyway, Andrea from Maybe it's just me... gave me this award and just for her I will try to be all happy and not too sarcastic since this is the Sunshine award after all.  Wait.  I think I can be sarcastic and happy.  No rule against that.

And because I'm a lazy bum and have been sitting on the sofa all day and not anywhere near the kitchen being all domestic making pain in the ass mints or anything like that, I received the award from Not Just Another Mother Blogger!   I love reading her work.  Love it.

Anyway, here are the rules:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Andrea and Not Just Another Mom Blogger!
  2. Link back to the Blogger (or Bloggers) who awarded you.
  3. Answer the following questions, down below.  
  4. Pass the award out and victimize ten other Bloggers letting them know, of course, that you've nailed them.  
Favorite color?  Purple but don't tell my daughter.  She's of the rule that only one person in the house can like a particular color.  The two of us liking the same color will just piss her off.  If she ever asks you, I like green the best.

Favorite animal?  A dead hermit crab.  Preferably three dead hermit crabs.  Hey, the rules did not specifically state weather the animal was living or dead.  I prefer three very dead hermit crabs.  Better yet, I'd prefer three very dead hermit crabs that happen to reside in the aquarium on my kitchen counter this very moment.  

Favorite number?  Eleven, it's my birth date.  And yes, I was born on 9-11.  

Favorite drink?  Caffeine-free diet anything.  I'm a whore like that.  I'll have some jet fuel in the morning to get me started but anything after about 9:00 AM just makes me ill.  You thought I was crazy now?  You really don't want to see me all hopped up on caffeine throughout the day.  

Facebook or Twitter?  I loathe them both equally but if I were in a corner at gun point then I'd have to say Facebook. 

My passion?  Shelling.  Duh.  

Giving or getting presents?  Right now it's all about giving them out.  I really would like this year for my husband to not go to Sam's Club or Costco at the ninth hour and buy whatever's left in the jewelry cabinet for the holidays, birthday, whatever.  Just skip it this year and come home early.  

Favorite day?  Friday.

Favorite flower?  Orchid but only when they're blooming.  The rest of the time they just bug me, which is about 99% of their life-span.

And I received this award from Caffeinated Autism Mom.  The Liebster Award.   Again, I love reading her work and with kids on the Spectrum we speak the same language.   This Award is given to up coming Bloggers with less than 200 followers.   In German, Liebster means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.  I am not sure I am worthy of this award as I don't see "Lizbeth" and "sweet" generally used in the same sentence, but I'm taking the award and running like hell. 

The rules are the same for the Liebster Blog Award as for the Sunshine Award.  I'm not going to rewrite them, I know you all are smarter than that.  

Now this is time where I nail people who mean a lot to me.  

For the Sunshine Award I nail:
  1. Flannery, over at: Living on the Specturm: The Connor Chronicles.  Really, you actually thought you were going to scape by?!?  I think not.  
  2. Grace, over at: That's RightISaidIt.Dot.Mom.  Oh yeah, you're next. 
  3. Kara at:
  4. DeeAnn over at Snippets 'N Stuff.   

And for the Liebster Blog Award I nail:
  1. Jazzy over at Jazzygal
  2. Karen V. at Solodialogue.
I don't care if you do have over 200 followers.  That little member/followers thing has always been a thorn in my side.  I get that's it's an easy way to keep up on Blogs but there are soooooo many people who read who don't "follow."  That, and because Blogger is being an ass-hole and taking away that option for non-Blogger blogs, I'm a bit miffed.

And so there are no hard feelings, I put everyone's name in hat and picked the first four for the Sunshine Award and the last two I pulled out were for the Liebster Award.  Except for Flannery.  I have her named first, every single time.  


  1. Oh how I've missed you! Hope the break is going well and can't wait to "hear" all about it.

    Congrats on the awards! They are well deserved :)

  2. good to see you back, Lizbeth, and still alive with all the kids at home and all!

  3. You are back indeed! Hooray! You seem well-rested and ready to go...I can only assume you have been working on faking that for awhile, as I can't imagine being well- rested during a school break! It is your sarcasm that makes me happy!!!!!

  4. Woo-hoo I escaped without a tag! Neener neener neener!

  5. Does Karla not understand that I was tagged? Her neeners are useless... Just sayin'.

    Anyway, shall I say I'm "flattered" to be tagged? Yes, we shall say that... I find your math interesting - you know the whole 10 thing and all. I'm guessing Alex does not read the blog - yet. Btw - Hi Lizbeth's Mom!! (I don't think I ever got the chance to say that before)

    I'm just glad Flannery & Grace got tagged - that outta be good! Hermit crabs would be nothin' but dead if it was my aquarium - I never could get the hang of the salt water tank... I could take care of that for you on your next vacation. Then, you'd definitely have what you want in the favorite animal department.

    Glad you're back. ;)

  6. Worst words in the blogosphere: You have been tagged in a meme.

  7. You didn't tag me. Bless you.

  8. You know what? You deserve both of these awards! And I am very glad that you are back!!!! I missed you something terrible!

    P.S. If you want those hermit crabs to sleep with the fishes, I know a guy.

  9. Glad you're back, Lizbeth - even if you did come back bearing "awards"....

    I'm so looking forward to hearing about all your holiday adventures - the good, the bad, and the ugly....

  10. I feel you on the hermit crabs. I'm busy waiting for a beta fish to die. (they are really hard to kill, by the way)

    Oh, and thanks for the tag (that's code for "hope your hermit crabs have babies").

  11. Yay! An award! Thanks Lizbeth. And congrats on receiving them yourself.

    Can you be happily sarcastic? Or sarcastically happy????

    xxx Jazzy

  12. Yep flowers are great to admire, but not so good to take care of, not when you have lots of kids to mind anyway :) Congrats on the awards, they look great - especially the flower one!


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