Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pretty cool!

I wrote this way back in December about having time off for the Christmas Holiday.  I thought it fit the bill nicely about the prompt of being cool.  Enjoy!  

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So my little Alex has been home one day and he's already trying to get us on a routine and dominating the computer.  His go to things right now are Lego's and (brace yourself) the computer.  Given a choice between the two, the computer wins hands down.  For whatever reason he's mastering the game Farm Frenzy.  I think its because it has to do with making money and he's interested in maximizing his returns on investments.  You know, like buying a cow and then maxing out how much milk it can produce so he can have a greater earning potential.  His words, not mine...

I've intentionally NOT put things on a routine so he can have more experience winging it.  He's doing better than I thought.   Normally, first thing in the morning he has to put on school clothes and get the day started.

Today we got up and I asked, " You still in PJ's?"

"Yup!  Mom, today's not a school day.  I do not need to put on school clothes right away. Duuhhh."

"I know.  How cool is that?"

"Pretty cool.  I don't need to put on regular clothes right away until January 4, 2011.  That's when school the new year."

"Ahh.  That's cool, huh?"


Now I have to tell you it took almost 3 weeks for him to figure out the the phrase "pretty cool" had nothing to do with the weather or atmospheric conditions.  The first time I used it he replied it was most certainly not "pretty cool" and it was indeed quite hot.  That was last July.

I always think some of the best parts of other people's blogs are the pictures.  So I leave you with an image from this past July. 

Way prettier than looking at snow, right?

And how cool is that?!?

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