Monday, September 12, 2011

So you say it's your birthday?

It's my birthday too.  No.  Really.  It was my birthday yesterday.  On 9/11.  I was born first.

See?  I have the cakes to prove it.  Why do you ask, do I have three cakes?  Its simple really.  Alex only likes chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Lizzy only like white cake with white icing.  And Gracie?  Well, we don't know what the hell kind of cake she likes but based on the other two, I can pretty much guarantee she won't get near a chocolate or white cake.  That's why she had a red velvet cake.

See?  Perfectly simple explanation.

But first, before we had all that cake love, I had to go on a scavenger hunt for all my presents.  That too has a pretty simple explanation.  When Alex was younger and after all his presents were opened he sat and looked at us and sighed, "Wait. What?  That's it?!?"  Like we had let him down big time.  So now on the kids Birthdays I make up a scavenger hunt and every once and a while I put a present in with the card and they get all excited.  At the end is their biggest present and they love it.

See???  Perfectly simple explanation.

I had to go to 20 different places in the
house, how good of them.  

Except this time I had to do one of my own scavenger hunts to claim my presents.  Some of those cards have my own handwriting on them.  Alex told me he learned all about recycling in school so he saved them from Lizzy's birthday in August.

Then they kicked me out of the house to put balloons and streamers all over the place.  That's why I have a picture of these two horribly freaky little boys.

Again, a simple explanation.  When they kicked me out I went to the antique mall.  Don't these two just freak your shit?  Not only that, but they cost $2,985.  I know, it's ridiculous.  I bet that includes their ghosts, you know, free of charge.  Those boys could see me from every corner of the antique mall and made my skin crawl.  Even now they're staring at me.  Taunting me, the little one on the left whispering, "I ate his brains, now I'm going to eat yours too."  

But after all the running around, it dawned on me.  They were giving me what they liked best about their Birthdays--the scavenger hunts, the balloons and streamers all over the house and their favorite cakes.  All the things that I have been doing for them for their Birthdays, for years.

And this year they returned the favor.

And that was the best present of all.

Note: After this post goes up for a few days, I'm taking down the picture of those two kids and getting rid of any evidence of them.  I want them out of my house, even if they're only on my computer.  I so wish I could un-see them and get them out of my brain.  They freak me out that much.  


  1. Happy Birthday, you little sneak!! Look girl - it's not everyday we turn 29- or is it? And to think, I could've tossed one back while toasting you- well, I'll just make up for it today! (At least there's something good left on 9-11!)

    The kids - YOUR kids - not the freaky ones- are adorable. That's some great love when they do for you what you've done for them!

    The anti-kids, in the painting? They don't freak me out as much as make me ask why they are dressed like that... I think they're girls, aren't they? Girls from an old Betty Davis movie like Arsenic and Old Lace... Okay, yeah, creepy. I'd definitely delete that picture! $3K? Stay out of the antique mall and go to Nordstrom instead! That's where every mom should be on her birthday!

  2. Yay, happy birthday!!!! Those little pumpkin heads really came through for you! How freakin' cool is Alex for saving those clues and re-using them??? Too dang smart.

    Glad you had an awesome birthday...except for that picture. You shouldn't have even taken a picture of it. Now you've created a permanent electromagnetic connection to the brain-eating zombie twins. You're going to need a priest and some holy water to get them out now.

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday! I love the scavenger hunt idea, the recycled cards and the multi-cake idea. Hell, I just really love cake!

    But, you know what? I also kinda sort maybe dig the freaky kids, too. I mean, your kids seem hella-cool. Don't get me wrong or anything. But the dynamic duo on the wall? They could be part of the zombie apocalypse. Hell, they could be the START of the zombie apocalypse. Or maybe they hold the key to end the zombie apocalypse. I think you get the idea... :)

  4. Those creepy kids look like mini Mozarts in drag. And is the blonde one holding a baby horseshoe crab?? What IS that thing?

    Anyway, congratulations on the anniversary of your birth. Those cakes - and your kids - rock.

  5. Those are freaky. My MIL has a zillion of those types of things hanging all over her house. You can imagine what a pleasure it is to sleep there. :-P

    Happy Enjoy all that cake. I'll bet you have to eat one piece of each every time you want some just so no one's feelings get hurt. Gee, what a drag. :-)

  6. What.Is.That? They need to go away, like now before they start chanting "Red Rum". Agh!

    Happy Birthday friend =)

  7. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I would have had nightmares about those freaky kids. They creep me out, too!

    Happy birthday, btw!

  8. Awesome birthday! With the obvious exception of the two Dutch Chuckies who will bite your butt from inside the toilet in the middle of the night.

    Also, brilliant use of your kids to get three birthday cakes [cue the slow clap]. Nicely done my friend and many happy returns!

  9. Sorry to copy John & Allie, but the 1st thing I thought when I looked at that thing was 'Come play with us Danny...for ever...and ever....and ever....' and I am alone in the basement, and now I'm starting to get a little freaked out, so thanks a lot!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed ALL of your cakes. Happy birthday!


    btw yea freaky boy picture...I won't be back till its gone lol

  11. Happy Birthday!

    Okay those "boys" are freaky and creepy!!

    I love the tradition you have for birthdays in your family! My family always made a big deal about birthdays and I still love it....even though I am an old fart. What a wonderful day for you!!
    I hope you have many many more....and can I have a slice of that cake...any of 'em....all of them actually.

  12. Happy belated birthday! I'm only fashionably late, right? Get those freaks off your post and have lovely thoughts for the rest of your week. It's not just your birthDAY... it's your birth WEEK!

  13. I hope you had a great birthday.

    That boy picture is rather freaky.

  14. Hahaha that picture is awesome!!! Sounds like a really nice birthday all in all.

  15. @Karen V--thanks! See, I knew I should have talked to you before I went out--actual girl shopping is way better than seeing those freaky long dead kids.

    @Flannery--Haha!! I don't think my garlic will keep them away. I actually was up all night last night freaked out by them!

    @Kelly--you make me think of so many things. You should be a writer for The SyFi channel!

    @Grace--I don't know what's in his hand. I never got past those eyes tracking my every move. Now I have to go check it out.

    @Darcy--Lord, I'd never get any sleep there. And yeah, 3 cakes is killing me. ;)

    @Allie--Haha!! Thanks sweetie!

  16. @NJAMB!--thanks and I'm taking that pic down soon!

    @Kara--you crack my up! I will now always have to check the toilet prior to peeing!

    @Allison--HAHAHA! I'd be getting out the basement really quickly!

    @RacersMommy--I'll swing by and let you know when I've pulled it. :)

    @Margaret--I'll share! And thanks!

    @Pam--I like that week thing. I'll pass that on to the family and see how they take it. They may like it if I have to hold up the other end of the bargain!!!

    @Whispering Writer--thanks!

    @Healthy Mom Project--thanks!

  17. Happy Birthday, but I must know...what is YOUR favorite kind of cake? I hope it was in there somewhere! Gotta run before those creepers get me with their peepers!

  18. @Andrea--OMG, the funny part is, I LOVE carrot cake!!! My kids would puke their dinner if I even mentioned it for my birthday!!!!!

  19. Happy Birthday! And yes please take down that picture, those eyes are watching...

  20. I don't know--I think the two boys are kinda neat in a gothicly creapy kinda way. What's not to like?

    Happy birthday Lizbeth! Three cakes is AWESOME!

  21. Crap! I was going to remember to wish you a Happy Birthday on the 11th. :( Your treasure hunt sounded fun. As for the nearly $3,000 picture, did you expect the kids to start moving like they do in Harry Potter? Actually, the first thing that came to my mind was Nicole Kidman's old movie 'The Others'. THAT was one creepy movie.

  22. Bit belated but Hpaay Birthday, the cakes look yummy and the scavenger hunt sounds great, and well done to Alex for thinking about the planet and recycling!


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