Friday, September 30, 2011

Head lice and asthma attacks. Wait, do lice have asthma?

OK, I wrote this post after the first week of school and I finally caught the horrible cold the kids had.  So I'll let you read what I wrote before I got all hopped up on cold medication and started hallucinating.  Nothing says 'sleep like the dead' like three Tylenol, a few swigs of Robitussin (a teaspoon is highly overrated) and some Midol.  Yeah, I got that landed in my lap too.

Here ya go:

In one week of school I've gotten notice there's head lice and a little viral something-something going around.  We got the viral thing.

I thought we were doing OK with it and then Alex's morphed into an asthma attack.  One that wouldn't go away.  It started on Saturday and by Monday we were doing nebulizer treatments five times a day and starting him on oral prednisone.

We were up at five AM starting treatments followed by spending the bulk of the day at the doctor's office checking oxygen levels and lung capacity.  Good times.  

I think we've got him on the upside of this but nothing says fun like having your child not breathe.

You think you hate autism??  Try Asthma on for size.  Better yet, go for the combo.  Now that's a good time.  Add two extra needy, sick children and my mother and then you'll be where I'm at.  The inner sanctum of hell.

Being sick and then getting all hopped-up on steroids sent Alex into a tailspin.  He's been hell on wheels since last week.

The good news is, he has a new favorite movie: Magamind.  I love it.  Its one of the least offensive movies out there and as a bonus it has Brad Pitt, Will Ferrel and Tina Fey for voices.  I'm totally over Brad since he dumped Jen for Angie but hey, he still has a pretty nice voice.  I don't know if it's exhaustion or what, but I can actually sit and watch that movie a few times over myself.

Now that we've gotten over the hump of the asthma, I'm all worked up about the lice thing.  I get kids will pass things around.  I get it.  But lice???  Now that's just going too far.  Too far.


It gives me full body shakes just to think about it and every day when the kids get home from school I'm checking their heads like a gorilla checks for nits.  I secretly want to take a can of Aquanet hairspray and a butane lighter and blast one to oblivion.  Never mind the kids heads.

And with that image I bid you adieu.


  1. Kid funk is the WORST -- Little Miss brought something home and was sick for a couple of days... me? well, a week and a half later, I'm still having issues. Ugh.

  2. I got a note a couple of weeks ago about the head lice bug catching on in my daughters classroom and ever since then I've been itching my scalp like crazy, I have Kevin check my head but he says he sees nothing and that I'm crazy........and I keep checking Isabella's head but see nothing, she's not itching though.

  3. 'It can't get worse than this.' Go ahead. Say that out loud. I dare you.

  4. Well i am just sending you a huge hug! Oatie' has been ill twice since the start of term both times off for a week! arhgghg. No lice yet though, although my little 6 year old sweetie takes her hair out at school and let's it SWISH and I am like arghghghghgh no I braid it for a reason :)



  5. All you need now are out-of-town house guests.

    Wait, did I just say that? Don't answer the phone....

    Maybe if you hang that creepy picture of the evil twins around the kids' necks it will keep the lice away. Worth a try.

    Feel better!

  6. When Holly was little, her whole class had head lice. I kept putting her back to school free of the damn creepy things and within a few days it would be back. I was so creeped out by them that I had my mum checking my hair two or three times a day!

    Eventually I lost the plot with the school and refused to put her back until they checked everyone's hair and sent the relevant letters to the families. Uggg,still gives me the creeps thinking of it.

  7. I'm with you on the lice thing, as well as being over Brad Pit since he left Jennifer.

    It must suck butt to have to deal with asthma. I feel for you. :( I'm sorry you've been sick as well. Speaking of Robitussin, have you ever smelled the Bath and Body Works Cherry scented hand sanitizer? It smells JUST like cough syrup. Nasty.

  8. I don't know how you moms do this. I think I be in a vat of wine and possibly doing drugs! I have asthma since birth...oh yeah good times.. But I have grown out of the worst of it, not gone but lessened if that helps you. But all those steroids did a number on me as an adult. YEAST is a big issue in the gut which is not so great for autism. I don't mean to add to your bad week just want you to be aware of this real issue.

  9. Oh no .... You poor poor thing .. That is terrible
    Hope this weeks is better and all the sickies, no-breathies are gine
    And that the scratchies never come

  10. What a coincidence, Lizbeth: we just got the LICE ALERT letter in the kids' backpacks this week! Hooray! I'm so sick of that one.

    Anyhoo, I LOVE Megamind too. Just love it.

    Now, enough shallow: I'm so sorry your poor little guy has been suffering so--and you too for that matter. I catch everything the kids catch as well, so I know how that blows.

    But honestly--asthma with autism would have me in tears. That's a whole lot of give-me-a-break for you.

  11. Hi, I'm anonymous because if I try to comment as anything else my laptop goes haywire and my comment gets lost.

    In keeping with this whole anonymous thing, I will say absolutely nothing and will just leave you to try to figure out my secret identity.

    I kind of like this incognito thing. It could really serve me well in the witness protection program.

  12. Oh no...what a week from hell! But you tell the tale with such humour, as usual! poor Alex.... Asthma is so not fun. I do hope all calms down soon:-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. I'm testing the comments here....seems Blogger is throwing a fit and not accepting comments. And Grace, I'm totally on to you!

  14. let's see if blogger let's me comment...

  15. hey, I'm back. Blogger banned me from commenting for a few days.

    All this to say I have one with autism and one with asthma and yes, they both suck in different ways. I seriously can't imagine having to do nebulizer treatments on a child with autism though, that would be a horrible sensory overload for A. He already screams when his sister has one since he doesn't like the noise the machine makes.

    Those kind of weeks are just something you try to get through and not think about much afterwards... glad you made it!

  16. Oh no what a horrid week. We have the combo of asthma and autism as well and have had some asthma emergencies. Fortunately my son has got better as he's got older and only really gets problems when he has a cold. As for the lice, I dread those letters from school. Unfortunately my eldest got them a couple of days before a Brownie trip away a few years ago. Couldn't believe it; we had a few days to remove the dam things before she could go! Fortunately we havent had another lice attack since!

    Hope things improve for you all.

  17. lol @ Mike

    And yeah, I'm with you on the head lice thing and going off Brad Pitt after leaving Jen for AJ.

    Poor Alex, and poor you!! That must have been one hell of a week.. I'm glad he's better and sorry you got hit so hard with their cold! I also hope you dodge the lice thing!!

  18. Ohmygoodness. No fun, honey. No fun.

    We got sick while out of town. At my in laws. Sans husband. He was back at home alone. Painting rooms.


  19. Would you like me to send you a rusty oyster spoon so you can perform your own appendectomy just for fun some evening? EEeegads. I'm sorry about all of the crap that's been dealt you lately, but seriously, don't send any of that shit this way.

  20. It's funny: (not really funny, more like interesting) the two things I was most worried about my kids having were autism and asthma. So, I have one son with autism (and possibly another son, but I can't be sure) and my husband has asthma. I am praying he hasn't passed on those genes to my kids. I cannot imagine anything worse than your kid not being able to breathe.

  21. Thanks guys--I'm feeling better after a second round of antibiotics but lord in heaven, my stomach is pissed off. Not the best way to loose some weight, I have to tell you. But for the first time in a week I can breathe!! Alex is doing better and we have a follow up appt tomorrow AM to check his lung capacity.

  22. Megamind lost out to Tangled in our house. Good flick though.

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