Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"I don't wanna be home."

Those were the first words my daughter uttered when we came back.  Promptly followed by bursting into tears, sobbing and running to her bedroom.  And I was right behind her. 

Why does coming back have to be so depressing?

So we made it back from vacation all in one piece.  I had to stop posting for a bit as the connection was so bad that it just wasn't worth trying and getting all worked up, angry and bent out of shape.  It was a vacation after all.  

That and to be brutally honest, I've not had the time to write and when I have, I've had absolutely nothing to say.  Nothing.  I mean, crazy stuff has been going on, I've just not felt like writing about it.  Guess coming back home has been a bit hard on all of us.  

In between coming home, unpacking, laundry, getting food, birthdays, doctors and dentist appointments for the kids, contractors and painters, I've been left with zero time.  During the school year, I had a two hour window where I could get things done with the baby hanging around at my feet.  Not that I really got anything done but it was my time.  My time to do, or not do, with as I pleased.  It's becoming painfully obvious that with all three of them home for the summer, my own time has shrunk down to nothing.  

Anyway, here is the fun we had on Father's day.

And our feet...

Don't look too closely at my toes.  That's what happens when you have a five year old paint your toes, feet, legs, upper arms...notice she has her shoes on?  That and you can see all my white spots.  Sexy.  Dead sexy. 

Note: In relation to my last post, my mom sooo does not read this blog.  If she did, I'd have this thing shut down faster than a cover-up for an for an OSHA violation.  I mentioned her tree hugging, granola, I've been in the wild with no razor for years look as it was the third time I had to correct that particular problem.  Maybe that's why I've not had much to say....  


  1. Missed you! Adorable heart for Dad - good save! And yes, I can understand your need for a break after that last post... But glad when I check in there is a new image I can associate with your blog. ;)

  2. I know the feeling about losing your special time during the summer. This summer has been especially hard on me and I'm counting the days until its over. Hugs to you, Lady. We'll cry on each others' shoulders and make it through somehow!

  3. Summer is the time of year I am thankful that I have no choice but to have a job, and my kid is in summer camp. I swear. I would not survive an entire summer with the energizer moody melodrama boy.

    I wish you all the luck, and whiskey, in the world. And glad you're back!

  4. I don't have anything important to say other than YOU CRACK ME UP.

  5. I love the heart for Dad, bet he was well chuffed, much better than anything bought in a shop. Hope you had a lovely holiday, did you go anywhere nice?

  6. I have mixed feelings about you being home. On the one hand, I'm happy you're home safe and posting again. On the other hand, I'm sad because we're not gonna get anymore hilarious stories about bottles overboard and pubes gone wild.

    And, yeah, coming home sucks.

  7. We are leaving for vacation in a couple of days so I will carry on the insanity for you. Hopefully for the sake of my eyeballs, all women will be clean shaven.

  8. Love the beachy photos!...and I hear you about mothers reading our blogs....I'd DIE!

  9. Hey, welcome back to blogging! And thank you for the new visual of the heart in the sand. It somehow blots out that other one. I really appreciate that. A lot.

  10. Adorable beach pics. Except your toes. they really could use some work. ;)

  11. Wait. Beach or beech? Beach seems right. K, good. Whoa, close one. I coulda looked really stupid there! Whew.

  12. The beach is such a magical place for kids, and adults too. I'd feel the same way!

    Are there any day camps where you can send a couple of your kids? They have those here, with church groups or school districts. It might be worth a couple of days of "me" time.

  13. Welcome back! The time issue is a problem.

    I used to hope the older he gets = more time but it's actually the other way around.

  14. We're going away to the mountains-- camping no less -- for the long weekend. It should be interesting and probably depressing when I come back to my little home on the plains.

  15. Know what you mean about not having enough time to yourself during the summer hols. Our summer holidays havent started in the UK yet and if I'm honest I'm not really looking forward to the strain of it. Debbie @

  16. @Karen V.--I know, I'm still trying to get that out of my head!

    @Mom2LittleMiss--I'm glad I'm not alone. ;)

    @Flannery--First, you suck having a job and missing all the fun and second you still suck and third WHERE'S MY WISKEY?!?

    @DeeAnn--thanks Lady!

    @Rambling Pages--Sanibel Island. I think we left a mess bigger than Hurricane Charlie.

    @Grace--Don't worry, I have more. Trust me...

    @John and Allie Fields--I'll expect pictures of all the unshaven from your vacation.

    @Rebecca--I KNOW.

    @Rachel--I still can't get it out....

    @Marianna Annadanna--I get messed up like that, it's way too easy.

    @NotJustAntherMotherBolgger!--they do but they're all at different times and most were when we were on vacation. Sigh.

  17. @Amanda--I think I've come to that realization, sigh.

    @Accidental Expert--I expect details and pictures. Lots of pictures!

    @Deb--I know, I'm stressed out already....


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