Wednesday, August 3, 2011

See, it's impossible for me to do a wordless day...

We actually set a record high yesterday.  It was 108 degrees at the Kansas City airport and it was 111 degrees closer to our back door.  I went for a walk last night and it "felt like" 114 degrees.  That's bloody hot.  I'll do somewhat of a wordless day today in an effort to conserve energy and to maintain my sanity in this heat.

I received this award from my lovely friend Jazzygal.  You totally have to pop on over and visit her.  You'll like what you find.  Now I will tell you, I've been lame and received this award back in June while I was on vacation.  And while I never really forgot about it, I was remiss on doing anything with it.  Thank you Jazzy and sorry for being as lame as I am.

I took this picture when we were at the pool that shames all other pools.  Look off the the left of the man.

Read the sign...

That gave me a giggle.  Probably not what they had in mind...

We've had a few days where we've skipped the pool and have been out in the sprinklers.  I think most of the water evaporated before it hit the ground or just upped our humidity levels...but it was fun none the less.  

And yes, I let them pee in the shrubs and drink from the sprinkler.  I stand by my statement that the sun is browning out the yard.  It is not all the urine.

Drinking from a cup: overrated.  

Teaching the baby to drink like dog.  A useful skill. 


Where the "feels like" temp has been over 100 for the past month and the sun has been slowly baking the yard to a crisp yellow.  Like hay.  

Where the trees have gone into seclusion and have been dropping leaves. 

Where the kids are getting good and bored.  

And learning everything they should, without the onus of a classroom.

Where my kids are happy.

And where, at the end of the day, the house is a mess, the kids are minus a bath and the dishes are still in the sink.  

But they are happy.  

Which makes me happy.

And where I'd like to remain for a good long time.  


Note: Clearly I can not do a wordless post.  And no, I have no idea how I lived in North Dakota for over ten years.    

And a thank you to all my friends out here who have so poignantly shared their lives and experiences. Without that, I would not have slowed down enough to appreciate what is right in front of me all along.  Thank you. 


  1. So you are the ones who are hogging all the heat! :P It's almost autumn in Central Europe.

  2. So I'm not the only one who lets my kids drink like dogs. Whew. I figure if it's not gonna hurt them and they are entertained, then so be it.

  3. I love the kids drinking from the hose/sprinkler. I did it when I was a kid and thought it was cool. Sadly my hubby never grew out of it.

    I long for fall. I hate this heat. HATE IT.
    We are supposed to get a cold spell in the next 24 hrs. I suppose that means 95.

  4. Yay!! Well done on eventually paying it forward!! And thanks for the lovely mention :-)) Ummm... I have 2 tags since way back in June that I haven't done yet..oops!

    Love the photos and the summer sentiments. Looks like you have your priorities right ;-)

    Listening to you talk about your summer temps make me think that we live on a different planet! Like I was telling you before, we've had the coldest July in Ireland in 46 years! Our average temp in July was 13.6!! Woeful..

    Hope it cools down for you and heats up for us!

    xx Jazzy

  5. **yay** We've been experimenting with sprinklers too! They're a big hit with everyone (dogs included) except the person developing a pathological fear of water. **ahem**

  6. Yep it's hot water bottles and heating on here in Ireland! Glad you're enjoying your summer :)

  7. I think our high today was 110. Ack.

  8. OK, I am completely shamed for complaining about the 4 days in a row that it was 90. We hide inside to beat the heat...we are lame...but cool (in a temperature kind of way). We haven't drank much out of the hose, but in the winter my daughter eats snow as if it were a food group!

  9. We had an 8 month snowy Winter so we're enjoying our hot spell in Canada ok a fridge for you it's high 70's lol! x I
    Know what you mean, I wish Summer hols could last forever, same reasons as you. Oatie is just so happy x o x. Did the same. Through the schedule out the window. I love how you boycotted your community pool. Mel

  10. Oh my lord, that heat sounds terrible. At least the baby is learning new skills, though. :)

  11. @Amanda--I'm so jealous of you cool weather!!!

    @John and Allie--I so agree!

    @Margaret--LOL, they said it was going to cool down here--into the lower 90's!!!

    @lyndlou--I know, I love the summer and the heat!

    @Jazzy--that's so funny since we just set a record temp here--hottest since 1984!!!! I think we should talk on T about the staycation thing...hehe!

    @MarsupialMama--that's great! Except for the fear of water bit. That's no good.

  12. Looking for Blue Sky--I'll trade you!!!

    @WrisperingWriter--I was thinking of you having to get used to the heat! Hope you're doing OK.

    @Andrea--My kids would eat snow like that too, up in North Dakota!!

    @Mel--I'm loving it. Dreading school in 2 weeks. Sigh. xxoo

    @Stimey--you can never underestimate when that skill will come in handy. :)

  13. Why is there carpeting at a pool? I'm confused. As usual.

    You are a great mama, even if you do let your kids pee in the bushes.


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