Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation in pictures...

I wrote this down in Sanibel and it had to wait till we got back.  It's still pretty valid so I thought I'd post it.  Let me rephrase that.  Since we've been home, I've been buried in laundry.  The kids have made a nightly habit of peeing in the bed, on the sheets, on the carpet, stuffed animals, toys and basically anything within striking range from their bed to the toilet.  And amazingly when they sit to pee they still have more in them.  I don't get it.  Anyway since I'm now looking at the front end of my washer and dryer this will have to do.

Here ya go.

I've established the fact we're on vacation.  I've also established the fact I have more than enough computers, wires, phones, cables and monitors to become a wholesale distributor or, at minimum, a small Radio Shack. But here's the one fact that's confounding me and quite frankly pissing me off.  I can hardly use a single one of the computers without getting logged out, timed out or pages simply not loading. 

See, nothing is compatible.  The I-pads won't work with my phone.  The mini won't work with an I-pad but will work with the phone.  Both phones will work with each other and I-touches but won't work with the mini.  The I-pads will work but not with each other and God forbid I hook a phone up to one of them to download pictures.  Then all of them get really bent out of shape and freeze up.  It's like they've ganged up, started their periods and won't ask for any Midol.  They're worse than my kids without sugar and don't get me started on what little ass holes they can be without their sugar.

The end result is that I can't work with any of them.  I can read all your blogs but none of my great gifts of technology will let me read or comment.  And I'm frustrated.  See, I want to talk to you guys and my computers are on their periods and pissed off and won't let me.  I'm more that a little mad, and drunk, and the combination has me banging on keyboards.  It's really hard to focus.  

So I'm sorry I can't post things to you guys.  I really want to. 

Anyway, this is want I originally had posted before I got way too frustrated and drunk:

First we had to stop at WalMart.  Enough said.  Then we spent an assload of money.  Apparently it costs upwards of $500 to feed a family of six for two weeks.  Here's the receipt to prove it.

I'll be damned if I make one of these:

I'm not getting anywhere near cleaning a single one of these:

And I have a moral obligation to drink all of these:

Oh yeah, the fridge has more!!!

Oh, after I sobered up a bit I figured things out.  Let me rephrase that.  I think I bitched so much my husband fixed things and now I'm happy.  

I'm going out here to take a self induced time-out which includes getting drunker and finding some more shells.   

And that's exactly what I did.  Alone and without kids, I went out for some peace and quiet.  I think I may have spilled the majority of my drink when I bent over to get a shell but I was alone.  There was no way in hell I was going back in to get a refill.  


  1. That looks beautiful. I am envious!

  2. I love rainbows. And that bed looks so inviting right now. (Long week)

  3. This is funny, although probably not so much to you. Thanks for sharing...and thinking about us while on vacation. :)

  4. That last photo, was it straight out of the camera or did you edit some? It is Gorgeous!!!

    Wow, an amazing Wal-Mart receipt!

  5. Sorry about technology PMS, the pictures are awesome, and I hope you get to spend the rest of your vacation with a pleasant buzz!

  6. Booze in the laundry room? Hmmm...why not? It's where we spend most of our time anyway right? Typical WalMart receipt, but just think of all the supermodels you ran into inside...

    I have no idea why you worried about commenting to all of us on your vacation - you are such a sweetheart! Glad you're back, though. You know you always need a vacation from the vacation!

  7. I love your posts! I wouldn't have gone back in for a refill either. Alone time is worth more than almost anything!

  8. @Raquel's World--don't be. ;)


    @Casdok--maybe that's why I'm down. I want to go back.


    @Rebecca--that pic was not edited at all. All my pics are mine, if that makes any sense.

    @Apples and Autobots--it was nice, thanks!

    @Karen V.--thanks and good idea about the booze in the laundry room...

    Patty O.--Thanks and I so agree needing some alone time!!

  9. this is your sister- Nice ring, is it new? What did he do that he had to dig himself out with that rock? LOL xxxx

  10. sorry about the pee too- I got shat on yesterday if it makes you feel any better. That's the last time I'll pick up little man nekid....

  11. I missed you while you were on vacation too -- so glad you got to set your blood... erm, I mean *alcohol* system back on track ;-) It really sucks when you get too much blood in the old alcohol system!

  12. Holy crap-I believe we are having similar experiences...your mom on the grandmother in the shower...and now...well, I have had a bit of a time with my GPS that's all I'll say. I too have been remiss on blog commenting-although for me it is because I have four whirlwinds bouncing off of me..

  13. Wow, that's gorgeous!!! And amen, sistah! (to I won't be making one of these or cleaning these **lol).

    I love how bitching at the hubs really works and things get done! Now if only there was a way to do it without spending so much time and energy chewing their ears off!

  14. Yeah I wondered would there be any pictures of your mother? These are great anyway, especially the beach picture, though I found the till receipt one rather scary, especially as everyone tells us Irish that things are really cheap on your side of the sea!

  15. @Nessa--He didn't do anything, birthday--yay me! Oh yeah, it's about click on the follow button. ;)

    @Mom2LittleMiss--I knew you'd understand! :)

    @Kathleen---I was wondering who that was driving in circles... ;)

    @Marsupial Mama--I'm glad you're back !

    @Looking for Blue Sky--No pics of the mother-unit. I'm still trying to get that scrubbed out of my brain.

  16. I would have given anything to see you stumbling around on the beach, alone and drunk, spilling your drink and probably muttering to yourself about electronics. And why does that sound like a damn good time to me???

  17. @Flannery--I don't know why I've not seen your post before this. Probably drunk I guess. Either way, it cracks me up. Off to get more booze.


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