Friday, January 14, 2011

Mom, it's cold in here!

As the kids go running downstairs yesterday morning that's what I heard.  Except it was more like "Moooom, it's cold!!!  I'm freezing!  Did we pay our bill?"  And they went running back upstaris.  Turns out it was cold, 51 degrees to be exact.  A day later and it's still cold in here.  The heater in our house went out yesterday morning.

Apparently the draft motor is out and they don't have one in stock.  It's 'on order' and should be here by noon today.  I'll wager 20 bucks it's not here.  I called this morning to see what the status was and the guy got all pissy and told me it was a "coincidence we don't have any in stock...must 'a used 'em all up with this cold snap we're a havin."  Like I should be impressed or something.  I'm not impressed.  Matter of fact, I'm more than a little pissed off.  The heater is a Lennox, it's not some wacked out off-brand and the fact they don't have any motors, or what ever the hell it is, has me steaming.  Add to it the guy's crappy attitude and I'm pissed.  It's not like he's freezing his ass off in his home. 

We've been below zero for the past two nights so I've taken the kids to stay at my sister's house.  Now, it seems like a pretty nice solution and it is, don't get me wrong.  I had to get all their stuff together--jammies, toothbrushes, clothes for the next day, diapers, wipes, food, Pack-N-Play, you get the idea.  The whole time I'm doing this, freezing my ass off, Red Robe is playing JewelQuest on the computer.  No lie.  With a winter coat on, sitting on the bar stool playing JewelQuest.

I was woken up so many times last night I lost count.
Mom, I have to pee.       Me: Go pee.
Mom, I can't see.
Mom, Alex has my covers.     Me: Alex, give your sister her covers.
Mom, Lizzy has my covers.    Me: Lizzy, give your brother his covers.
Mom it's 4:30, are you awake?
Mom the clock says 4:33, are you awake?
Mom, can I sunggle?
Mom, my bed is wet...

I managed to get them out the door and into school but I know Aspie is going to have a hard time today.  He told me several times that a sleepover was "not part of the plan" and he's been tugging on his shirt sleeves and pulling at his collar.  He can't sit still.  Instead of a normal eye blink, he's been hard blinking.  I know this change has him wound up and I'm anxious for him.  I've e-mailed his teachers at school but I know they don't know or get how upset these changes make him.  And for that I'm worried for him. 

Today, this is where I really want to be.

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