Monday, January 3, 2011

None for you.

After the Holiday weekend my husband's reached his limit with Red Robe.  He looked at me and said, "Is she always like this?"  Yup, yup she is.

This all started last night when we were getting ready for dinner.  She sits down in the family room, where we can see her and starts reading a book.  Now the kids are going ape, killing each other right in front of her and she's sitting there reading a John Grishom.  When it's finally time for dinner she plops herself down at the table and starts eating.  Doesn't bother to help the kids, get the baby in the high chair, nothing.  Just serves herself and shovels.  After dinner, she gets up, goes back to the sofa and picks up where she left off.  No help with the cleaning.  Nada.  Well, we have a rule in this house and it's if you don't help clean up after dinner you don't get dessert.  So, we get things cleaned up and I'm making some ice cream for the kids.  She walks in and starts to get a dish.  Alex looks at her and deadpan says, " No grandma, you don't get any, you did not help with cleanup."  He takes the dish away from her and chucks it in the sink.  And that folks, was our dinner.

Happy New Year.

This is what the older two have been doing since 8:00 AM.

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