Friday, January 21, 2011

Update time

Well, we managed to get our heater fixed.  Only after we moved out for a night, dealt with the rudest man around and then readjusted Alex to being back home.  It's amazing how one little thing can upset the apple cart.  Lizzy was so happy we were going to be spending the night away she almost puked.  Alex almost puked because of the uncertainty of the situation.  It took almost three days for him to get comfortable in the house and now he's slightly obsessed with our HVAC units.

And the heater broke again, and we fixed it.  Again.

My little Alex made it through the school car line this morning, all by himself!  I can write a whole post on that but for now lets just say I'm beaming!  I expect in three days or so he'll be reeling from the added stress but right now he's so proud of himself.  I am too and I'm hanging on to that. 

My sister's back from Boston.  She had a brain tumor removed ten days ago and to say we were worried is like asking if the Pope's a little bit Catholic or if Paula Dean uses butter.  She's exhausted and worn-out but lab results indicate a successful operation.  I'm holding on to that. 

Construction in the house is ongoing and I'm getting used to strange men using my toilet and making themselves at home, in my home. 

Red Robe is still annoying and chatting to my back as I write.

We've had two snow days last week and as I type snow is falling again.  We're going to have another one tomorrow, I can just feel it.  I wrote this post two days ago and got busy...we did have the snow day and we're expecting another one this Monday. 

As a kid, I used to love the anticipation of snow.  Waking up, running downstairs and plunking down in front of the TV.  Dying, just dying, to see if our school made the cut.  With Alex, it's the complete opposite.  He worries about the time he's missing, how his teacher's going to readjust schedules, how to make up lost time in centers.  He truly gets upset.  So right now I'm thinking of ways to prep him for tomorrow's day off.  I have to have our day mapped out and our schedule completed, down to the 20 minutes we're going to go outside and build a snowman, the 10 it will take to chuck outside gear in a pile and the 15 it's going to take to drink hot chocolate.

View out our back windows.
Of all places, I found myself this morning in WalMart's clearance aisle.  I found a snow globe of an angel with the saying: If kisses were a snowflake, I'd blow you a blizzard.  I bought it.


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