Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Robe strikes again...

So we're getting ready for school and true to form, Red Robe is sucking down a pint of coffee, simultaneously watching You-Tube and our morning unfold.  For a brief second I see Alex and I know, just know, something horrible is going to come flying out of his mouth. "It's not fair!" he shrieks.  "She's not wearing clothes and we have to get dressed every morning,"  he says pointing an accusing finger in the Robe's direction.

Well, I'd be lying if I told you this took me by surprise.  I'd been expecting this day would come for a long time now.  Alex holds pretty tight and fast to our house rules and the fact that she's been breaking this one for quite some time has gotten under his, and my, skin.  

So I look at Alex, then pan over to Red Robe and say, "Well, I don't know guys, what do you thing we should do when one of our rules are broken?"  Alex responds lightning fast, "Put her in the corner."   Now Red Robe is watching all this go down with the sudden realization she's been caught.  I can clearly read "Oh Shit" on her forehead. 

I ask, "Well Grandma, what's it going to be?  The corner or the clothes?"  I felt like I was in an old-school western, holstering my laughter while trying to be a mom to my own mother.  Silence.  She turns and marches upstairs to get some clothes on.  It took everything I had not to explode in peels of laughter. 

Now, let me take a minute to let you know, I love my mom and I totally get she's in a transition stage.  She's recently retired and has moved in with us.  I get it.  I'd bet a good twenty bucks she's in a full blown depression.  But what I will not tolerate is the total unwillingness to do anything other than sit, watch and commentate.  If I wanted someone to critique and teleplay my every move I'd be living with my mother-in-law. 

I'm fighting back a bit to push her and get her out and about.  And it's like I have a teenager in the house. 

So, as I heard the stomp, stomp, stomp of angry feet as she went marching, I got an obligatory 'humph' and I know, just know, it translated to "its not fair!"

On a totally unrelated note, if my husband asks, I have no idea how the dishwasher door broke...

Gracie helping out.

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  1. hell no forget clothes if I had her should would benaked all day, love seeing thepussy on a girl her age


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