Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things I love

So I'm not always a mean cynical mom.  Here are a few thing that make me say, "see, it's all worth it."

  • How we just had dinner and it was loud, crazy and remarkably uneventful.
  • The fact that Gracie says "Ahhh" every time she take a draw off her sippy cup.
  • Walking by the upstairs landing and getting a glance at the sand dollar I keep there.
  • That tomorrow's Monday.
  • That my husband has been picking up the slack because I feel like a truck has run me over.  And over.
  • How we just had our first thunderstorm of the season.
  • That at this moment my kids are happy and just plain themselves.
  • Wishing I could bottle this moment and hold onto it as it's all so fragile.
  • That a good night's sleep is all I need to forget yesterday and start all over again today.


  1. That's actually a beautiful blog post. You just showed me that if you write well, you don't need to use too many words to convey something with a lot of meaning. And you brought me a moment of peace in a hectic day. Thanks!

  2. Karen--you're too sweet--love your blog BTW, hope your little bubbs is feeling better--L


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