Friday, February 25, 2011

Update Friday

Here are a few things that didn't make it into full post status but have been rolling around in my brain giving me the giggles.  Anyway, for the faint of heart there is foul language.  You've been warned, now go ahead and read anyway.
  • I went for a jog simply because my husband said I shouldn't.  It was too windy he said.  He was right, it was windy.  And cold. 
  • At Alex's Valentine's party a mom mentions to the kids something about mice, mind you I have no idea where this topic came from, and a kid shouts out, "you can find some in my basement."  Nice. 
  • My new BFF's at Cigna decided speech therapy was no longer medically necessary.  A moment of silence while I skin each one of the fucking bastards who made that decision.  I'm sure they were qualified medical professionals who poured over his file and agonized over the decision.  Douche-nozzles.
  • Wait, I'm still skinning the bastards. 
  • OK, I'm better.
  • No, I'm not.  Fucking douche-nozzles. 
  • I filled the washing machine up, didn't run it, and left a pile of my clothes on the floor in front of the washer so when Red Robe came back she'd have to do my dirty laundry first.
  • My daughter decided to crawl like a cat in front of school when we picked up Alex.  She meowed and purred as an added bonus.  Lucky me.
  • We had a taste of spring and I'm beyond thrilled.
  • And since I started writing we've been put under a winter storm warning.
  • I take back being thrilled.

Ice on one of our trees out front.

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