Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What, you don't consider this a real job???

I'm totally going to trash talk my sister.  I can do that.  She's pissed me off and now I'm going to call her on it, blog style.  I'll let all you in on a little secret---no one in my family knows I've got this little gig here so I can blast her and they'll be none the wiser. 

See, it's a perfect situation...

Here's the deal: I'm at home with kids and she like, has a real job, so if you do the math, I'm obviously at home doing nothing all day.

She doesn't have any kids, by choice.  I mean, they could have kids but they don't.  I think she saw what happened to me and she was like, "No fucking way do I want a piece of that action."


So let me back track to last night.  They came over for about twenty minutes.  At bed time.  They should know better but they don't.  Remember, no kids?  Right??


And in that twenty minutes she ran around stirring stuff up, saying BOO to Gracie and basically scaring the shit out her.  She came up to me while I was watching one of the Barbie movies with Lizzy and mentioned something about appliances to which I mumbled, "Sure, whatever." 

See, it's not like I'm a fan of the Barbie movies, I generally think they suck and make me throw up in my mouth a little bit, but hey, my daughter loves them so I watch them.  They do a pretty good job of getting the message across that girls can do anything and I'm down with that.

So there we were watching Barbie as a Musketeer and I was like whatever and didn't really hear what my sister was saying. 

Flash forward to today, when I get a call from her asking me to go over to her house to let the appliance people in.  I was a tish confused, more like WTF are you talking about?  But I digress. 

Apparently in our little two second chat I agreed to let the appliance guys in her house.  "I can't possibly come home and let them in, I'm at work", she says.  I have meetings all day.  All you have to do is pop over and let them in....

Sure, I can do that.


Not like I'm trying to raise three kids or anything like that.  Noooo, let me just pop right on over and help you out.  Load them all in the car, get the baby up from her nap, get the other two out of pajama's.  Sure, I'm good like that. 

Clearly I'm at home and that, by default, means I'm not working. Which means I do nothing all day.  Just waiting on someone to call and give me something to do...

Which means I have the free time to dig up a picture like this:

And this....

And that is how I get a giggle at my house.  Laugh with me people!


    Ahhhh. That's a good one. Makes me wish I had a sister just to trash her ;)


  2. So many of can relate but do not have the guts to put it in writing. Thanks!

  3. I"m a giver...I do what I can... ;)

  4. Love it! It just burns me up the way some people think we're all just over here hanging on hooks waiting for them to pop in and "need" us for something! Good for you for getting it off your chest. :-)

  5. HeeHee! Thats really good..I would have come over earlier but I was tied up at my "non job" you know chasing after four kids.. making sure they had all their needs met..you know ..the life of leisure that we lead..:)

  6. Kathleen--that's funny, yeah, right now I'm waiting for my sister to call...not like I'm raising kids or anything. hehe


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