Friday, February 4, 2011

The car line and my Aspie

We did it!  After almost two years he's graduated to being dropped off in the car line!  I am one proud mama. 

To give a little background, I've been walking Alex into school ever since he first showed up on their doorstep.  I would walk him into the classroom and get him settled in every morning.

That was the hardest part of his day--and he was only there half-day.  All the hustle, bustle, other kids pushing, shoving, putting coats away, getting book bags hung up and folders out.  All the commotion and noise--it was too much for him.  I could see him unravel every morning right before my very eyes.
I gave the school the benefit of the doubt for one week.  After that I moved in.  I changed his drop off time to 10 minutes after school started.  I made a morning schedule and made sure it was implemented.  He had a sensory break 30 minutes into the morning, every morning.  He was equipped with noise reducing head phones and me at his side.  And he (we) did OK.   

As time progressed we tapered him back to the traditional start time. 

From there we kept backing off his supports with time.  I would drop him off at his kindergarten door and then we advanced to the main school door.  Over the past few months I've backed off and let him walk to the main door by himself.

It was decided that after winter break we would try the car line.  Now I'll tell you something about our morning car line---these women are ruthless.  I've seen some of them get out and yell at other moms for doing it the wrong way.  They honk, they cuss, they cut you off and flip you off. 

They're awful and I'm afraid of them. 

Truth be told, I was quite happy with our little system we had going but he has to grow up, right?  The only saving grace is that the morning car line is more behaved than the afternoon car line.  They make the morning moms look like a petting zoo.  Tame.  Sedate.  Behaved.  I'm just happy to be meeting him out front after school, at the flagpole, where its safe.

Anyway, we've been doing the morning thing for a few weeks.  As he jumped out the car this morning he proudly states, "Mom, I think I want to do the car line after school!"  He's beaming.  So proud. 


Alex at the school carnival, watching a magic show.

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