Thursday, February 3, 2011

In no particular order...

Over the past week there have been several things that have given me a good giggle.  Here they are, in no particular order.

  • I overheard my daughter singing the refrain of "Cotton Eyed Joe" and I thought nothing of it.  Until I heard the same song on my I-pod. 

  • I caught myself yelling at the kids, "For the love of all things Good and Holy, would you guy please:  Sit down. Shut up.  And watch some TV?!?   Jesus."  Not one of my finer moments.

  • I've taken to calling their antibiotic, 'liquid bubble gum in a tube."  When I scream for them to take it twice a day, they come running from out of the woodwork.  I've not yet told them it's medicine.  I'm not going to.

  •  I've not shaved my legs in the last three days and the fact we're getting a blizzard confirms I won't for another three.  Sorry, hon.

  • I was changing light bulbs in the kitchen and as I was standing on the counter reaching up, Alex looks at me and exclaims, " Wow, you're one big mamma!" 

  • I came full circle when my daughter asked about Jesus.  When I asked her why she was asking, she said "well, you seem to be talking to him alot."  And I'm not religious.

One of our lion's out back.  It's about how I feel. 

Since I first started writing this we've had our blizzard.  I had a horrible fight with the gas can (it won), froze my fingers off and got dusted with more snow than what actually fell, compliments of the snow blower.  I've intervened in so many kid fights I'm now qualified to referee at any pro wrestling championship.

And no, I've not yet shaved my legs...


  1. Oh yes I remember the days when I shaved my legs each and every day lol. You wear them hairy pins with pride Hun as you are doing a fab job at being a mother.

  2. Claire--you crack me up! I remember thinking that too. Something like, "uggh, how can you NOT shower/shave every day, disgusting..." Boy, did I have a lot to learn!


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