Friday, February 18, 2011

The comfort of home

My little Alex has been in rare form this past week.  I brushed it off to being back in school and me totally PMS'ing and IBS'ing.  All his old friends are back--the hard blinking, clearing the throat, shirt chewing, inability to sit still.  Going to the security of  the I-touch and Lego's.  You know, all our friendly reminders that hey, my kid's different.

He even has some new ones--a gasping noise when he breathes in, like he's squeaking at each intake of air.  He's added to it and squeaks all the time now.  He's also repeatedly listening to a new song to his I-touch.

Well, it took me till yesterday, at the allergist's office, to have someone else tell me there's a problem.   Turns out he's chalked full of white cells. Of course I go right off the deep end--cancer.  She say's he has a sinus infection secondary to the strep and all the squeaking probably started from the sore throat and it's now turned into a nasty little habit.

So now we're on round two of antibiotics...this one is not nearly as nice as the bubble gum in a tube and he's on it for 14 days.

But there's something else too, it's all the upheaval of not being in school consistently, the change of speech therapists this past week, Valentine's day on Monday.  This is his first full week of school since before Christmas and he's worn thin.  He's exhausted, his mind's too full and he's this close to snapping. 

He had 7 sensory breaks yesterday and I suspect he'll need seven more today.

It's all taking a toll. 

I can't wait till 3:40 today so I can meet him at the flag pole, buckle him in the safety of our car and wrap him in the protection we call home.  

He also likes to make tents.  This one's in his bedroom. 

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