Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bike Camp, we're at bike camp!!

I've been remiss to mention that we have Bike Camp this week during Spring Break.  That's because the guy in charge is a total douche-bag and I didn't believe it till we actually went and made it through a class. 

This all started when we were given info about the Bike Camp from one of Alex's teachers at school.  I thought it would be a great idea.  He's been dying to get rid of his training wheels and to make matters worse Lizzy's trainers are coming off this spring.  The devastation on his face is so clear when he knows he can't do something and his younger sister can so I jumped on this chance. 

Here's Alex in action.
When we received confirmation he was in, I blabbed it to him and he was over the moon.  Not twenty minutes later my phone pings me and it's the director of the program e-mailing me that our spot had been given up.  Alex was too young for the program.  Blind rage.

Now here's the rub--that little ping was a day after I had talked to the director  and he assured me his age wasn't a problem.  See, total douche-bag.  They have a minimum age of eight and Alex is seven.  I called and after discussing things with him he assured me he would be fine.  They have the age cut off to make sure it's the kids that want to go and it's not the parents forcing them.  Once I explained to him that Alex was uncomfortable with having the training wheels on as his younger sister has hers off he assured me it was no problem.   

Well, then I get the ping.  So I sent him this nasty ass e-mail telling him I just spoke him yesterday...
He pings back: Who did you talk to?
Me:  YOU.
He:  You talked to me? 
Me: Your name is John Krugh, yes?
He:  Yes.
Me: Then yes, I talked to you.   You douche.
He:  How old is your son again....what's his name???
Me:  Seven and three quarters.  Alex.  Remember our phone conversation?
He:  Oh, that was you?  Can he do the 11:40 time slot?
Me:  Perfect.  Yup, he's a total douche.

So that's why I've not said anything.  I mean I just spoke to the guy the day before and he totally fritzed.  I almost wanted to cancel the whole thing but I picked up the phone and called him--again.  Turns out the people who do the actual teaching are flown in from other areas and they do this as a living.  Locally, he's their go to guy who gets the space and volunteers.  Whew.

Anyway, check this out, look at his smile!

I'll post more as we go through this week but I wanted to show you all how happy and proud he is.  And I just noticed this---his helper has a Ramones tee, how cool is that?


  1. That's cool! My son still uses the training wheels. Sorry the director was less than cordial. :0)

  2. My son is just getting started on his bike(he's three), and he loves it. Unfortunately his mother and father have trouble keeping up with him, the little speedster!

  3. He's too cute!! My son loves riding on his bike. He's not always coordinated on it but he still has fun.

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  5. @ everyone- thanks! The girls who run it (the irony did NOT slip by me) are incredible! The local director man is still a douche, go figure... ;)

    I deleted my own comment because I'm a lush and tried to type buzzed---it was so full of typo's I had to unload it. I should stop drinking now....

  6. I'm impressed at how often you got to use the word "douche" in this post.
    And bike-camp? There's one I haven't heard of yet. That would definitely have come in handy for me a few years ago.

  7. I had never heard of bike camp before I read this today (had to backtrack because I started with Part II. Looks like Alex is loving this. Since my son is not 5 quite yet, I haven't really been worried about his training wheels and neither has he. I'm sure glad you posted about this so I could learn before it becomes an issue! Thanks Lizbeth!!


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