Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is Me Meme

I've been tagged by the lovely Fi over at Welcome to the mad house.  I absolutely love her positive attitude and every time I pop over to see her, she makes me smile big happy smiles.  

I've also been tagged by Jazzygal who has either changed her page up a bit or I was seriously way too slobbery drunk last night while I watched Lizzy dance all her Irish dances at the Ceili.  In my defence, there were a lot more people drunker than I was last night.  That's all I'm saying.  I could have sworn things looked different there yesterday....either way, I love her style.

So I love this meme because it lets me take a tiny peek at how my kids see me.  I had visions of me looking stick thin with a modest bosom and a killer smile.  No such luck.

I had to bribe Alex with 30 minutes of I-touch time to even get him to pick up a pencil.  After a ton of bickering and begging he simply huffed, "FINE.  But I don't understand why I need to draw you when I can see you just fine."  Fair enough but draw the damn picture.  I hate when my kids are smarter than me.  Apparently I have Angelina lips, a hair helmet, no clothes and no bosoms whatsoever.  Damn.

Alex's version.

Lizzy said sure and whipped something right up.  Look at this.  Jesus-H, did you just get the scare of your life?  My hair parts in the middle like the Dead Sea, I have black saucer eyes that are trying to bewitch you and its raining.  If Lizzy starts killing small neighborhood animals I'm screwed.

Lizzy's version.

And Gracie just randomly drew something at her highchair in between trying to eat the crayons.   Looks about right for a 16 month old. 

Gracie's version.

Anyhoo, this meme was created by Tara at Sticky Fingers and here are the rules:
  • Ask your child to draw a picture of you. It doesn't matter how old they are.
  • Post the picture on your blog. Go on.... be brave!
  • Call it the 'This Is Me Meme' .
  • Pop over to Tara's post to add it to her linky.
  • Then tag some others.

I'm all for playing by the rules, and God knows we have them in this house, so I'm tagging some of my bloggy buddies.  Here they are in no particular completely random order of two :

Connor's mom over at Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles.  Because cheese is good (someday you'll have to tell me if it means more than keeping up on your calcium and Vitamin D requirements or if its hidden code for something) and because I have visions of her with Indiana Jones and not Calista. 

Karen over at Solodialogue because she makes me think and sometimes it makes my brain hurt in a 'good but now I need to go ponder things' kind of way. 

Have fun!!


  1. My thoughts? Alex is wonderful - he gave you full plump red lips, full hair and made you skinny!! Lizzie...uh, yeah, that's kinda sweet and a little scary -looks like you are caught in a dustbowl there but I do like the curly hair and Gracie's is probably as close as my kid will actually come now that you've tagged me! Didn't know this is how I'm viewed by you... as making your brain hurt! haha! Will have to work on that one! Thanks, Lizbeth, I think this will be fun.

  2. Wow! In order to get lips/body like that I'd need to spend a serious amount of money on collagen injections and liposuction...

  3. I know the lips are wonderful, but I still like Gracie's version best. Now I can put a face with the name.

  4. I love them! And your description of trying to get Alex to co-operate was hilarious!

  5. Maybe Lizzie will be a goth girl in a few years!! LOL, thanks for the tag, I needed some inspiration.

  6. @ Karen V--brain hurting in a good way! Like I'm using brian cells and neurons for executive thought processes--something I don't do with the kids...cause seriously, how many brain cells do you need to ask if they want grilled cheese or PB&J for lunch? ;)

  7. What a funny, funny meme! I love how your son asked why he needed to draw you when he can see you just fine. That sounds like what my son would have said--must be the autism, literal-mindedness.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  8. You REALLY do crack me up, everytime I pop over.
    I have this ME meme too, but I can't pin my kids down they're too busy all the time.
    I love the black saucer eyes and I agree, hopefully no neighbourhood pets will go missing.
    Love and hugs. xx :)

  9. Wow! I love your lips! Your saucer-eyes freak me out a bit, I'm not gonna lie.

  10. Thanks for all the comments! I did love doing this meme as its something I don't think I'd ever ask my kids to was nice to see what they thought, even though I look like a total freak.

  11. Heehee..These are great! You are very thin..perhaps all your weight is in your lips? Which is good-because the kids can stand under them when it rains-you know to cover them as they tear small animals apart..:)


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