Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm hot...

I'm going to deviate from my regular posts, which I'm not quite sure what that is, but anyway here's my little pearl of wisdom.  I went and got my my hair cut the other day.  This little fact is important because I've not had it cut in over a year.  I'm not a tree hugger or saving it for Locks of Love or anything like that, I've just been lazy.  And the worse kind of lazy--the turning into your mother kind of lazy.  I swore I'd never become my mother and I'm not.  My underwear does not have holes in it.  But I got to thinking and it is like my mother just with haircuts and not underwear.  I told myself I was letting it grow out because Hubs kept telling me he liked it longer.  What is it with men and long hair, anyway?

So off I went to get it cut. 

Hubs comes home and notices and says, "Hey, that looks great!  It makes you look, like, twenty years younger."

Mistake. Big. Mistake. 

Ummmm, excuse me, did I just hear that?   Did I actually hear a pause while he thought of the number?  And he chose twenty?? 

Twenty?!? Twenty???  Couldn't go with ten, hell, fifteen? But twenty years younger?  That would put me at twenty one.  He didn't even know me at twenty one.  How would he know what I looked like at twenty one?  Hell, at twenty one I was either stone cold drunk or passed out.  I most definitely do not look like I did at twenty one...  

And just like that you could see him register the inhumanity of what he just said.  He froze, gripped the counter top and the little hamster on the wheel went into over-drive formulating the least painful way to extricate himself from his own words.  "Well, ummm.  No.  No, that's not what I meant.  I, uhhh....oh shit."

 I just started laughing.  I mean what else can be said?  If a guy thinks I look like a twenty one year old, then that means I'm hot.  And if he thinks I'm hot at forty one then I'm OK with that.  Totally OK with that. 
How hot is that???


  1. of course you're hot, HELLO!!!

    20 years, really?

    At least B will have someone to hang out with in the doghouse...


  2. Bwahhh! You better get out of here before Red Robe figures out & I'll go Poof...
    Yeah, really. Can yo believe he said that??? I thought I had him trained better than that. ;)

  3. I'm too hot for that---I blew out the flash on the camera. Either that or he took a pic of my ass again.

  4. Men are stupid! Is that your husband's ass in that picture? That would be fitting...his ass.

  5. Noooo, that's my ass...middle of a fucking natural disaster, I'm manning pumps and he snaps a pic of my ass...he thought it was hot. See how that came full circle? ;)

  6. I would take the complement and run with it and never look back!

  7. Thanks guys, I'll see about getting a pic up of the new doo but I may just go with another ass shot....

  8. Hey girl! Since you have no new post up, I'll leave my little message for you here. You've been tagged for a meme!! Come over to my blog post and see what I'm talking about! And don't kill me....

  9. Men are dumb-asses.

    Hurray for hotness!


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