Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Showering, it's not as easy as it seems...

As I was taking a shower I realized I have more kid product in here than I do adult product.  What does that say about me?  I like My Pretty Pony??  I'm a fan of Transformers??

Which brings me to the issue of showering in our house.  First off, everything we do has a routine.  It's comforting.  It's safe.  It calms after a hard day.  But you already knew that, right?

So we go upstairs at 7:30, they get jammies, brush teeth and we're off to the shower.  Sometimes they 'forget' jammies and streak around the house wild and free.  I wish I still had that unbridled will to run naked witout the fear of scaring myself.  Sorry for that bad visual.

Anyway, back to the business of showering.  I still shower Alex.  He's seven.  He has a very real anxiety about getting his face wet.  I don't know if other NT kids need help in the tub/shower but I suspect not.  Lizzy, who is five, seems to do just fine on her own.  Matter of fact, she'd bleed us dry of all the water in the house if she could.

The whole concept of getting wet (and clean) is a foreign one to Alex.  After years of trial and error, this is what we've come up with--every shower we get a dry washcloth and put it on his forehead.  We swap it out as it gets wet.  Just make sure you have extra dry washcloths nearby.  Trust me on this one.

We've also had to teach all the basics of showering--how to put soap on the washcolth, how to scrub and how to rinse.

We used to do baths but the risk of getting water in the face was much higher so Alex decided he prefered showering. 

Anyway, curiosity gets the best of me and I wonder, am I alone with the showering thing?  Is this a sensory thing or is this just specific to Alex?

Lie to me if you have to...

See???  Look at all the kid stuff in there...


  1. I still wash my ten year olds head-he hates water in his eyes..my n.t. eight year old needs help with her hair as well...because she too hates water in her eyes(yet they both love swimming-go figure)...we use lots and lots of wash clothes.
    Same problem here with the amount of adult product versus kids..I think it is because my daughters use my good stuff as boats for their littlest pet shop toys-inadvertently emptying it all into the tub..at least I don't think it is on purpose..:)

  2. Mine love to swim too, I don't get it!!! And I know you're getting as much time as she is with the pet shop toys and ponies. You don't have to admit it, it's OK. ;)


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