Friday, November 18, 2011

Like a horse, I'm spooked.

Remember when I schlepped my whole family down to Sanibel last month to appease my shelling habit?  I'd like to say we went down there because the kids like the beach and it's a great family getaway but the stone-cold truth is that I like to shell and damn-it I'm in charge of this family.  If they want to come on vacation, they can come down to Sanibel and shell with me.  Or they can stay home.  Their choice.

Funny how they all came along with me.

Who wants to see a picture of me?

If you really want to know what I look like and how dolled-up I get to go shelling, go visit Pam's blog, here.  Scroll down, you'll find me.

Pam has this great shelling blog called i Love Shelling and I have been stalking her since, easily, last November.  When we went down to Sanibel this last time I met up with her.  Really, I think she only relented to meeting me in the hopes of serving a restraining order but strange things happen and I ran smack into her on the beach before we were to meet.  Since the cops weren't around and her husband was off too far to hear her screams she had no choice but to say hi.

All kidding aside, I really like her.  I was a little nervous meeting her because I didn't want to be too stalkish but I think I fooled her.

The other lady in the picture I'm with is a wonderful friend I met back in June and I talked about her here.  Funny how you can make such a good friend while looking for a few shells.  Anyway, she came down and we went shelling and hung out.  Can I just tell you how much fun we had???

Anyway, I tell you all of this now because I'm stressed.  Stressed about Thanksgiving and how Alex is going to respond.  And too, I'm worried about how my husband's family is going to respond to seeing the inner workings of how we live.  Because lets face it, our house is set up to live with Autism.  We have index card schedules at the table, taped on the wall where we do homework, where we load and unload backpacks and at the back door where we come in and out of the house.  We have certain times we do things and specific routes we take. We have routines.  We have preferred foods.  We have foods that cause puking just at the mere mention.  We have meltdowns, tears and then we have hugs.  We have a way to do just about everything and that's just us.  And the way we lives brings us peace.  But it's not the way everyone else lives.

Add school and the home construction and I'm a little spooked.

So when I'm stressed I like to go back and think of times where we didn't have any cares other than what's for dinner, when the dolphins going to arrive and how drunk I was going to get.

So that's why I'm looking back a bit right now.

So I can calm down to move forward.    

This little son-of-a-bitch is the reason I have crabs
in my house.  He was Lizzy's "pet" the whole time
we were there.  Serves him right.  

Some of my shells I keep on my desk.
That one with dots in the center?
Shelling Gold.  


  1. We used to go to Ocean City, MD every year. That morphed into Nagshead, NC. . . the shells there suck ass. Your shells RULE! I wanna go to Sanibel!!!

    One thing I think you can guarantee is that they'll have some idea about how you could be parenting Alex better. That's almost a no-brainer. And, unless they have a pretty good understanding of asperger's, you coddle him. What that boy needs is DISCIPLINE! Let me know how close I am. . . maybe they're very understanding. . .

  2. @Jim--OMG--if there were a dart-board you'd have NAILED IT. That's why I'm this close to loosing it. The first wave shows up on Monday.....

  3. Girl, you still have the big old hat and shades on - I think I'm looking at a modern day Jackie O!! You do look relaxed though and that is excellent!

    You want shells? Might I suggest Cancun? I got the best conch shell ever when I was there - and Cancun is beautiful... Also, Maui is good. Ahhh, Maui... (Oh yeah - there's this thing called routine we follow isn't there? Even on vacation.)

    You know what? You're so full of it! You are the one of the strongest and bravest women I know! You fight at IEPs and will cut a B for some chocolate! A house full of Asian relatives? EASY! Lots of medication (Think BevMo)... Be openly proud of yourself. Unless they walk in our shoes, they will never really understand anyway. Do what's best for you - then - at the very least, they must leave respecting you. :) Mmmwah!!

  4. First of all, you met up with a bloggy buddy and it wasn't me. I'm totally jeal. *sniff*

    Second of all, that picture is a tease, woman!! Show yourself!! If you really ARE Lizbeth. . .

    And finally, I have found the best way to deal with holiday stress is to say Fuck It and hide in the bathroom as much as possible. Pre-stock your bathroom with a pack of smokes, some Nyquil, and the latest issue of the National Enquirer so you'll have something to do while you're in there. And maybe some shells, too, because they make you happy. Or you can still come to my house - invitation's still open - and hide in my bathroom with me.

  5. "..taped on the wall.."
    I should try that for me. Naaa, too late.

    And nice witness protection picture of you.

  6. ok, so this is where your little sis steps in and reminds you of a time when I hid in my bathroom-and you all but threatened to call my phone back and leave horrible messages about my idiot inlaws over the answering machine that reverbs thru the whole house so they could hear you telling them how horrible they are....

    but I settled for the tough love directive of "Get your ass out of that shower and start walking around like the kitty that owns that house and start marking your territory!!!"

    So in my kindest way I am telling you to "Fuck 'em!!" All their going to do is talk shit after they leave any old way... let's be real. So why the hell do you care?

    I also know that you are lucky enough to have a whole ROOM dedicated to booze, so get down there and start drinking. Here in Oz, drinks start when you wake up on special days!

    I also think that you need to consider this ahem..."interruption" to A's life as development, sort of like how I treat each time K is with my MIL!!!!!

    There, that's my 10 cents! xxxx

  7. Ewwww. I spelled "they're" incorrectly. How very uneducated of me!

  8. I love your shells...I keep shells all over my house too!!! (wow-I was really excited about shells for a moment there) I collect olive shells.

    Anyway-It is your house! If anyone comments on any of that- all you have to say is.."Well, doesn't EVERY family do it this way?" Have fun with it...make stuff up..tell them the lists and charts are for you...that you have problems remembering..because (according to your sister you have an entire room dedicated to booze..) because you drink a lot..I'm so totally with your sister on this one...(btw-is she the one who drew on your driveway??) Drink-have a good time...and if they get really awful-tell them you have thousands of slides of all your favorite shells to entertain them with..

  9. Think you need a TARDIS with the dials set for that photo of you, you do look like you've completely escaped. Hope you do better than me when family visit, I have lots of good intentions, but then somehow we end up doing what the visitors want to do with results that are often not good...

  10. Biatch I want that shell! Your shelling bowl is freakin awesome! Can't wait until our next trip so I can find mine! Wonder when that will be? My wonderful husband wants his moaning brother and his parents to ride to to Tally with us for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, and don't forget their flea ridden dog. Ugg! I feel a drop off at a special beach access in my near future! Junonia Envy

  11. I think that big orange shell in that bowl now belongs to me since you found that very special spotted one! :)

  12. Wow...I never find cool stuff like that on the beach! I just find a lot of sand. I'm STILL finding sand.

    The way I see it, the people coming to your house are guests. Guests are not allowed complain about the way a house is run. That's like a rule or something.

  13. I had a blast with hanging out you! I missed you as soon as you left Sanibel but I still can't forgive you for not telling me you found that JUNONIA (!!!!!) until you were safely back home. Did you think I would push you down and run with it? Hold one of your kids ransom in trade of the big J? Yes, one of those choices could have popped in my mind but I could have joined you in the happy dance before the trouble started. ;)

    Can't wait till you come back down!

    PS- Hey yall, I tried to get a good picture so yall could see how hot she is (we all know that any way) but she kept hiding in that big awesome hat.

  14. You found all those shells at Sanibel?!?! I have got to get down there with my mom. We love looking for shells and sea glass.

    I know what you mean about the stress. I'm starting to feel it too but you've got it 10 times worse with the construction and the fact that you invited the in-laws to your house. Maybe keep a flask in your apron pocket?

  15. I love the idea of looking back on those moments where times were at their most peaceful in order to prepare for the worst.

    You're gonna do this Thanksgiving thing, sister and you're gonna do just fine because you're gonna do it your way. And you know what? Anyone (family or not) who thins they can do better can just go to (s)hell!

  16. oooo...those are GOOD shells. You KNOW those are good shells. Maybe shelling is to you as gardening is to me: peaceful, solitary, out-in-the-sun diversion.

    You know what, Lizbeth? You keep your house the way you keep your house. If it works for your family, never be apologetic, or embarrassed. Please yourself, because only you live your life every day.

    All these things in your home are a credit to how much you love your son, and your family. You're trying, and you're trying very hard. Feel proud of yourself. Not nervous. If anyone asks, all you have to say that organization makes your son happy, and if he has a melt-down, just tell them he's trying so hard, but he's just one, little guy.

  17. Your shells are absolutely gorgeous; I love the colours and shapes and can see why you go shelling. We have nothing as exotic as that over here and in any case I'm in the middle of Britain with a child who refuses to go to the seaside. Aargh! PS Hope you get through Thanksgiving.

  18. @Karen--thanks. I needed that kick. ;) I would go to Lanaii (next to Maui in a heartbeat but I think I would die just trying to get all of us there! Sigh...

    @Grace--you know you'd be one of the few girls I'd share a bathroom with. Calm down boys. Not like that. I may take up on that offer. At least we could bash our families together. :)

    @Ness---oh...I remember telling you that. Funny how my own words are coming back to bite me in my ass. Guess I'll hide out in the cellar....hehe! thanks xxoo

    @Kathleen--no that was my other sister. There is still a faint outline of that little shit on the drive. And that's great, I may entertain them for HOURS about shells...

    @Looking for Blue Sky--I do too. I think thats why I'm spooked. I think I'll man up and see how it goes.

    @My Shelling Sitsah--I can do a trade, that horsie for a baby's ear. Do you have one of those?!? Pam posted a good one and now I'm all, "I gotta get one of those..."

    @NJAMB!--Ohhh, I think I'' put that on a index card and tape it to the wall!!! Thanks.

    @iLoveShelling--that hat--I'm trying to age gracefully!!! And I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner. My kids were driving me nuts and I ran out of time. Forgive me?? Maybe on Monday or Tuesday we can beat each other for a good shell. I'm not opposed to a good kick or shell net to the shins if need be.

    And if I would have known you would have held a kid ransom I so would have told you!!!


  19. @Allie--flask in the apron, that's good. Mostly shells on Sanibel, very little sea glass but the best beach I've ever been to.

    @Karen--thank you, thank you, thank you. That melted my heart.

    @Deb--thanks. Muwwah.

    PS--Kathleen--I have tons of olives, let me know if you want some!!!

  20. I went to check out your picture! You really do get dolled up! Love it! So great to meet a bloggy friend! As for the stresses of Thanksgiving, well, you could come to Canada. We have already had our in October so there's no stress this weekend. The only stress is knowing all my American friends will be busy eathing turkey so will be blogging less...booo! Glad you shared this post, love the part about the sonofabitch crab!

  21. That's a beautiful collection of shells:-) Maybe it's good family get to see what it's really like for you. Your house, your way... they will have to accept. Good luck!!

    xx Jazzy


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