Sunday, April 10, 2011

Awards, times two!

Lord in Heaven, I've been tagged.  I came so close to skating by and bbsmum got me.  Which was probably good because I was coming up empty handed.  Thank God that hail storm drilled us or I'd have come good on my threat to post about bellybutton lint and/or ear wax. 

Go visit bbsmum at Mum accepting autism, you'll like it there.  I do.  I'm over there clogging up her comments day in and day out, I love her that much.
Karen tagged me too.  Solodialogue is her amazing blog which is so eloquently written and insightful.  I'm over there blabbing away too!

In all seriousness, thank you both for tagging me.  I know I moan and groan about Meme's but secretly I love them.  They make me stop and think about things I don't normally apply brain power to and the fact you think I'm worthy of them means a lot.  Thank you both.   

Anyway, I know you all have skipped all that up there to get to the good stuff here.  You know, this is where I tell all.  So here it is.

Seven things about Alex, compliments of bbsmum:
1.  He doesn't like to smile for the camera.  Ever.  This is a problem in our house since we, like, own stock in Nikon.  Sorry Cannon.
2.  Alex is smarter than me.  Big surprise, right? 
3.  His current form of stress relief is to come up and give me a kiss, with really wet, spitty, saliva covered lips.  I think he does this on purpose but I'm not willing to give up the kisses, no matter how disgusting.  That would probably explain this nasty cold I've been harboring.
4.  Once he goes to bed he stays there.  And I love him for that.
5.  When we came home from Loose the Wheels bike camp I asked him to try his bike at home and he said, "Nope.  I already know how to do that!" like I missed the memo he'd been at camp all week nailing that skill.
6.  When he was almost four I told him he was 'pushing my buttons' and he walked right up to me and pushed every button on my sweater.  He then yanked it up and went "Boop!" on my jeans button.  Hard.   
7.  I love my little man with every ounce of my being and its true what they say, I can't imagine my life without him.

Now here are seven things about me, compliments of Solodialogue.  Take a deep breath so you can swallow back down your breakfast, lunch or whatever's in there.

1.  After Alex said, "Nope" to getting on the bike I may or may not have said, "I paid a shitload of money for bike camp, now get on your damn bike and ride." 
2.  During the winter, I gauge whether or not I'm going to shave my legs based on how cold I am.  If I'm freezing then I skip it rationalizing the extra fur will help insulate and keep me warm. 
3.  I'm a total Type A.  I love a clean house and if I could, I'd rope off rooms and turn my house into a museum.  I like to vacuum and get pissed when the kids mess up the vacuum lines on the carpet.   
4.  Dirty kitchen sinks creep me out.  
5.  Don't get near me till I have my coffee.  Once I get my two cups in the morning I do the rest of the day caffeine free.  There's a window around 10:00am where I go hypoglycemic and turn feral.  My husband swears he did not know about this prior to our marriage and swears I misrepresented myself.  I won't lie, I did.  I totally hid that teensyweensey little fact from him.   
6.  When I have a really bad day I go to WalMart and judge people.  I already know, I'm a bitch.  Please hold your comments on that and tell me something I don't already know.   
7.  I miss my old house.  I love where we are now, don't get me wrong, but there's something about the house that you bring your kids home to for the first time.   

There you go, seven more facts about me and seven new facts about Alex.  I've decided to do a great disservice to the Meme and not tag anyone.  I've tagged just about everyone I know in past Meme's and some of you twice.  I'm afraid I'm going to get a restraining order I've tagged so many people.  If you really want to be tagged, send me a note and I'll dedicate a whole post for those of you I've cheated.  I'll be more than happy to do so!  


  1. I read this and I HAD to go out and wipe my sink. Promise you're not going to start doing spot check inspections?

  2. I love reading about other bloggers through these memes :) And like bbsmum, am a little worried about the state of my sink now, and what are vacuum lines???? At least there's always coffee in this house, lots and lots of it x

  3. @bbsmum---spot checks, hummm....

    @Looking for Blue Sky---this will tell you how anal I am---they are the lines my vacuum leaves on the carpet right after it gets vacuumed.


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