Friday, April 29, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

My daughter had her Preschool graduation the other night.  A real snoozer.  I needed toothpicks to keep my eyes open.  I was getting grim satisfaction that Alex was messing up three families worth of viedotape.  He was playing Zombie Smasher and all you could hear in the background was this munch, munch, munch of the zombies eating.  Every once in a while you'd hear Alex grunt with frustration and say, "Zombies, you're mine!  Die, Zombies, die!"

I was sitting there reading all your blog posts, trying how to figure out to comment without giving up my real identity because my phone has that nifty stamp that says "sent from soandso's I-phone."  Thanks Verizon.

Anyway, I look up to see my daughter moving on to the stage. 

I wave frantically. 

She sees me.  She waves back.  She's beaming.

I'm beaming. 

Her eyes are locked on mine.  Then she points at her chest.  She takes her index fingers and makes the shape of a heart.  Points right at me.  And smiles a big radiant smile.

She's got me.

I'm blubbering like a school girl.

Then this song comes on:

Ignore the fact his big sweaty Hawaiian man boobs are bigger than mine. 

That song gets me Every Single Time.  Now I'm a train wreck.  Blubbering, snotting, no tissues, splotchy face mess.  I made the biggest fool of myself. 

It was the best night ever. 

Zomebie Smasher included.


  1. Oh, I LOVE this post! And I love that song, too!

  2. I love how she did the heart thing. Precious.

  3. That's the best story! The heart thing...swoon! I'd be lucky to get my kid to give me the stink eye! Awesome night for you, proud mama!

  4. These moments are so precious! Just add music to these kinds of things and I'm a mess, too.

    My daughter's high school graduation is coming up, and they always have the kids sing "Ripple." And they invite the parents and teachers to come up and sing with them! I don't know how I'm going to get through it without weeping like a baby.

  5. Love the heart thing and the zombies.

    I've heard the song a lot, but never seen a picture of the guy. Wow.

  6. So you picked a "snoozer" video for us to watch? Hahahaha. How do you know his man boobs are sweaty? (I can't stop chuckling.)

    I'm glad the graduation turned out special for you :)

  7. When the Other One left school, at the end of the presentations they played Green Day's "Time of Your Life'. Being a Green Day fan, I happen to know that on the album the song's subtitle is "Good Riddance". I still want to know what message his teachers were trying to send :)

  8. One of those sweet mommy moments. I love this post! The heart sign, the munch munch munch. All of it :)

    That song makes me cry.every.single.time. It was played at a funeral I went to a few weeks ago, and man did I do the ugly cry.

    I'm back and I have a lot of catching up to do!

  9. These school things are like weddings. You have to sit through the dull ceremony to get to the fun reception. In other words you have to sit through the feigned interest in other peoples children to get to the good bit. Yours!!
    Your daughter sounds amazing.

  10. Oh I love Israel k..something. He was a wonderful musician. :) Yup- the old pre-school graduation..Zombies are so much more stimulating. I have my daughters to go to in a few I'm imagining bringing real live...or is it dead? zombies with know, just to add a little spice...

  11. Awww! Hugs to you!

  12. Sweet! Congratulations on her advancement to the mean streets of kindergarten.

  13. She's just like her mama - full of love! Beautiful, happy tears, my dear. Lovely version of the song - so soothing and peaceful.

    Zombies and love. What more could a mommy ask for?

  14. ohh, thats just lovely.lov e that song too.
    the heart ,the song, I'd be blubbing too :)

  15. Awww, you're a big softie at heart :)

    And for future reference : if you go into "settings" on your iPhone and then "mail" and then "signature" you can change the ' sent from so and sos ' tagline or delete it altogether :)

  16. Thanks everyone...when she came off stage she grabbed the I-pad from her brother shrieked something like "AAAACCCKKK, THAT WAS MY GAME!!!" they fell to the floor and clobbered each other WWF style.

    And just like that my beautiful moment was all was good while it lasted!

  17. *Sniff sniff*...pass the tissues over here too please! I just love those moments..I can almost hear your heart bursting with pride. For both your children! Now I'm gonna go back to your page and listen to that song in full... Love it:-)

    xx Jazzy

  18. Well, really, the world needs some zombie smashing. It's a very important job!

    Beautiful moment! Even with the clobbering!

  19. **awwww** Soooo cute! The Bubs and I both listened to the song, what a great post!! Congrats to the beautiful lil' kindergartner!

  20. I love everything about this post. Congrats to your daughter for her graduation and to your son for ruining the Alpha Moms' video recording of it all. Take THAT, Alpha Moms! Ha!


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