Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The train and horse thing...

Remember how I talked about how I go for a run to clear my mind?  No??  Go here, skip all the other garbage I wrote and read number four and come back. 

Well, I went for a run the other day and almost every time I go out I pass this thing.  I don't know exactly what to call it other than the train horse thing.  It's out in front of a subdivision where we live.  And every time I go by it I think, "Gawd, there has got to be some kid on the Spectrum who would go crazy-gaga in love with this thing!"  So I took a picture of it. 

What do yo think?  I know, pretty cool, right???  Other than the fact that the horse is going to run right smack in front of the train and die a horrible bloody death, its pretty cool.  For pitty's sake the thing is life size.  It's huge.  Now I still can't exactly tell you what it is but there you go. 

And yes, I have thought of getting on that horse and riding it. 

The funny thing is, that when I go out for a run I have my i-pod on and I'm pretty oblivious to just about everything around me.  That would include the golfers at the driving range right behind me.  There I was, taking a picture of the train horse thingy.  

I left out one vital piece of information and it is:  I usually sing while I have my i-pod in.  Singing is NOT my strong point.  At all.  And I was listening to this song:

And here are the lyrics I was singing:

I'm gliding' in the beautiful sky, it's such a clear day, oh
Go ridin' in your sweet lullabies, come fly away, ay oh
I'm glidin' in the beautiful sky, it's such a clear day, oh
Go ridin' in your sweet lullabies, come fly away....

Except where it says: Go ridin' in your sweet lullabies, I sang: Go ridin' in your sweet little thighs.  Sweet little thighs, people.  I was singing SWEET LITTLE THIGHS. 


Every. Single. Time.   

Remember the driving range, full of golfers?!? 


Note:  I'm sorry to say I don't make anything up I put out here.  I wish I did but I don't.  I don't have the ability to keep track of lies so my policy has been to adhere to the truth---no matter how painful and/or embarrassing it is.  I'm sharing my (mis)adventures because I know how hard it is some days to come by a laugh.  As long as you're laughing with me I'm OK with sharing.  


  1. FIrst, what struck me about the picture of the train-horse thingy is that your grass at your subdivision is way too green! What? I'm in California and our grass is not this green.

    Yes, that thingy would be my son's new passion - surprised Alex is not into it?! It is rather - uh- morbid, dark.... What is the name of the subdivision? I shall refrain from speculating.

    I always mess up the lyrics too - fell into singing "Cuse me while I kiss this guy..." (Jimmy Hendrix). I thought for the longest time that he was just extremely friendly with everyone! I guess you just proved that truth is stranger than fiction! Lol!

  2. I don't get the horse train thing. It looks like the horse is about to get run over?

    And as far as the running/singing goes, you're right, you can't make this stuff up. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Oh no, I'm laughing AT you, sister!! That is some funny stuff.

    Hey, not only is the grass really green, but you've got some very pretty trees there. My kid would have us spending a lot of time there, believe me. Train, horse,'s an aspie goldmine!

  4. **awwww** My little guy would go nuts over that thing!! Horse was one of the first animals he learned how to sign!! (We used to live right by a park in central London where there'd always be a lot of riders). He'd stand in front of that thing for hours saying "twain" and "hoss" and jumping up and down with excitement. Gotta admit, they are pretty cool.

  5. Mangled lyrics? Very apt. You got tagged for a meme. Pop over to my blog and you'll see what I mean.(Mwaaahhh-ha-ha)

  6. Oh, this is sooooo funny. I have a toddler here who would LOVE the whole train thing. He wouldn't care too much about the horse. But that train? I think it would make him pee his pants, he'd be so excited!

  7. My nephews would LOVE it! They are train fanatics! My son is only 3 months...hes a poop, feed, burp kinda guy.

  8. Not only were singing about sweet thighs to a course full of golfers, you were out of pitch and your tone was flat. Yes, I can tell all that from just reading about it here.

  9. @Karen V.--they use a lot of chemicals on the grass here to get it that green...Alex never got into trains. He went right into disassembling them and working on the mechanics of the wheels.

    @ Christy--the horse looks like it's going to get nailed...its weird to me too.

    @bbsmum--thank you , I think...

    @BigDaddy--You are a wizard... ;)

  10. Oh I would enjoy the horse train thingy...I would make a cardboard bubble of thought and duct tape it coming from the horses head with the caption "Oh sh*t"..or at the least I would dress it up for holidays-horse in christmas hat, horse with jackolantern, horse as for the golfers? Have you ever seen what they wear?? You got no worries there..:)

  11. I really love the horse train thing, your right about a little spectrummy loving it.
    Did I tell you I'm only 4'11"....giggle.
    I want to see a photo of you sitting on it.
    As for the golfers.....pfft.
    Stuff em I say, you enjoy yourself. :) xx
    I wish I could run and get in shape, I have a couple of things that get in the way. LOL

    You always give me a giggle, your posts are great.
    I'm just trying to catch up with some reading at the moment, I am SO terribly slack at reading and commenting. I do get to it eventually though.
    Love you loads. xx :)


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